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My fursona's name is Miomi Niasou she's a wolf and a bit like a lycan standing at 5' 6 1/2" tall. Her fur coat is black as night except for the tip of her maw (where it dwindles off to a light gray) and the spot of hair/fur a top her head, tip of her tail, underbelly, and two socks on her hind feet (all over which is of a blood red color). Her optics are that of deep blue or sometimes green and have slits much like that of a felines. She has three piercings in each ear (one of three on each ear being a guage).
When she appears in clothing (which rarely she does) she is seen in a deep/light blue corset, as well deep sea blue trip pants with lime green outlining. She rarely ever wears shoes and occasionally she will have a gothic medalion either around her neck or around her wrist as a bracelet. Not to mention her hind legs are more like a wolf with an arch.
Her father was an Ookami Lycan coming from Japan to visit North American. Her mother was a pure black timber wolf. This explains the coloration to her body and how only a 1/4 of human lives in her veins.

Now about me in general. I am 5' 6.5" tall, past shoulder length brown hair with blonde highlights was dyed bright red(will change as soon as I decide when I want to lol). I have 2 shades of blue in my eyes, deep sea blue around the outside and hazel blue around the inside (as you see in my pictures). I'm a tom boy but I can act a little girly sometimes. I am shy, caring, and affectionate, and the more I warm up the less shy I am. I love to draw and I am currently taking requests to help try to get more people to see my artwork. Anything else you wanna know I'll be glad to answer, I'm fairly open.
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