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Metarape by Metaforce
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Metarape by Metaforce
Metaforce Alexei Pony V2 by Metaforce
Metaforce Alexei Pony V2
MetaforceAlexei as pony by Metaforce
MetaforceAlexei as pony
Gift Of Luna by vavacung
Gift Of Luna
by vavacung
Ninetails maid by cheftrim29
Ninetails maid
Izumy & Angela by bbmbbf
Izumy & Angela
by bbmbbf
Kiwi from "Lovers" by bbmbbf
Kiwi from "Lovers"
by bbmbbf
Mar The VampWolf by bbmbbf
Mar The VampWolf
by bbmbbf
Anthro Luna by Ambris
Anthro Luna
by Ambris
Tap Dancing Blaze by bbmbbf
Tap Dancing Blaze
by bbmbbf
Chinese New Year by bbmbbf
Chinese New Year
by bbmbbf
Audrey's Xmas by bbmbbf
Audrey's Xmas
by bbmbbf
Diana by bbmbbf
by bbmbbf
Sweet Kaittytart by Lamia
Sweet Kaittytart
by Lamia
Anthro: Night Glider by Ambris
Anthro: Night Glider
by Ambris
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Once upon a time in place not so far away, where aside from worlds of simple furryes exist worlds of demons and angels, something very unusual happened. One of most powerful demons nine-tailed fox, which was master of wild combat art and seduction of females, fall in love with angel cat, which helped those who lost their way of life and healed some physical and psychological wounds, she also fall in love with him, but it was forbidden, and they have to stay in word of mortals. Male demon-fox was proclaimed as exile and female angel-cat as fallen angel. But after some time there began war between angels and demons, no one not know exact reason why it's began, but both side lost many peoples in this war which even comes to world of mortals and female angel cat was mortally wounded that what fox have to make deal with his brother of neutral side, who was exact and direct descendant of Anubis, and sacrifice his life to save life of his son. Newborn catfox was given to adoptive parents and lived with them for several years. After couple of years after his birth war ends with almost fully devastation lands of angels and demons and only few representatives of both sides survives. But still no angel no demons do not accept young catfox Metaforce. Angels steps away of his demonic blood and abilities and demons mocked his kindness. And when he was in deep sadness he was captured and transfered to secret lab where he become some kind of labrat and some crazy scientists trying creating army of halfblood solders which should be invulnerable to demons and angels magic and with that army someone going to take over all worlds, but fortunately Metaforce manage to escape and now traveling all around universe.
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MetaforceAlexei Blackheart
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4 years, 10 months ago
thanks for the favs
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