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Hi names Max and no that's not my real name it's the name of my fursona and this is his page, I'm a pretty laid back guy just hanging out and relaxing in Aussie bush and enjoying life as a big furry tiger.

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I Founded and Co-own TheBeastsOfTheJungle club on FA which is a club made by tiger for tigers.

I'm a little addicted to FA so please visit, shout or even watch me, i love it when people do that =>o<=

And if any furrys out in cyberspace want to know just what i look like i'll tell you.

Species: White Siberian Tiger

Place Of Birth: 30 minutes from Perth W.A

Sex: (Yes please ;) Male

Sexual Orientation: I'm Bi and fucking proud of it

Hight: I stand at 7’4”

Eye Colour: Dark blue/grey eyes

Hair:  I did had a flat top crew cut hair, It was black with faint white foils through it all. However that was a long time ago and I've decided to grow it out (maybe pass my ass) and have it red and black.

Likes: Music, scratches behind my ears, movies, more scratches behind my ears, a good talk and beer with my friends and family, spicy food, having a nice cat nap with my two Burmese cats and day dreaming in the sun.

Dislikes: To be honest there isn’t much in this world that I can say that I dislike although there are times were certain actions or people piss me off but I can just get over it, that’s just the type of tiger I am.

Misc: If you want to know anything else just read some of my journals on FA.

I'm an Aussie so all fellow Australians are welcome to comment.
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