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Ew. Lined Paper. by LuridLogan
Ew. Lined Paper.
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Ew. Lined Paper. by LuridLogan
Ew. Lined Paper.
Yup by LuridLogan
Doo-be-doo by LuridLogan
Old by LuridLogan
Run Cycle by LuridLogan
Run Cycle
Old by LuridLogan
Windsama Request by LuridLogan
Windsama Request
Derp by LuridLogan
[commission] Casey's Undies by AvaBun
[commission] Casey's Undies
by AvaBun
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Derp by LuridLogan

H a l l o , ǝ u ı ɥ s ɹ ɐ ʇ s.
I'm not sure how you ended up here, or why you show an interest in what I have to write, but I thank you for it, and welcome you ever so warmly.

My name is Logan. My game. .? Too soon to tell.

If I still have your full attention, I invite you to read my 'About Me' below, browse through my gallery, or message me if you feel inclined to- I promise I try to keep from biting unless necessary.

I suppose you'll be wanting the s ɔ ı s ɐ q, then.

I am indeed a female, however strange that may seem to you.
My age is honestly none of your business.
I date both genders.

Though I do speak German, you should know that I am not perfect at the language. Feel free to use it, but be aware that my replies will be overly formal and may be a bit confusing at times.

My likes and dislikes are something you will have to find out for yourself. I'm relatively easy to talk to, and it really shouldn't take long to ask a question, now, should it?

Ah, well, if you've gotten this far without me scaring you off, you deserve congratulations. I thank you again for taking the time to peruse my little corner of InkBunny, and I bid you a regretful, heart-broken, ʎ ɹ ɐ ǝ ʇ - p ǝ ʎ ǝ farewell. I do hope you'll pop on by again some day; it was a real pleasure.

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