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Previously known as RonnieDaSilva and Autotrooper42.
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Ash Car Wash Bathing Suit by crazedg
Ash Car Wash Bathing Suit
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Ash Car Wash Bathing Suit by crazedg
Ash Car Wash Bathing Suit
by crazedg
Sleepover by GothBunnyBoy
Run, Dee Dee, Run! (COMPLETE) by ArcRoyale
Run, Dee Dee, Run! (COMPLETE)
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Oh, NOW I Get It! by ArcRoyale
Oh, NOW I Get It!
by ArcRoyale
Sonic's other secret by Sparkydb
Sonic's other secret
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Vanellope vs. Costume Designers by ArcRoyale
Vanellope vs. Costume Designer...
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Buttercup by BiPinkBunny by ArcRoyale
Buttercup by BiPinkBunny
by ArcRoyale
Bubbles by BiPinkBunny by ArcRoyale
Bubbles by BiPinkBunny
by ArcRoyale
Blossom by BiPinkBunny by ArcRoyale
Blossom by BiPinkBunny
by ArcRoyale
Rouge the sexy bat boy by joykill
Rouge the sexy bat boy
by joykill
Watch out Minnie! by mousetache
Watch out Minnie!
Alvin by Dandi
by Dandi
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I take porn very seriously.
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4 months ago
Think whatever pleases you, my good sir. We both expressed ourselves and we made our points, there is nothing more to say. You win, congratulations. You exposed me as the hypocrit, pompous and selfish ass that I am. My high horse and I will now leave you alone.

Have a pleasant day.
4 months ago
Good, keep showing me your real face, the fangs and your claws so you can confirm how right I am.
4 months ago
I'm not identifying anyone as a pervert, you feel that way but those are not my words. You keep refusing to respect my choice when that is all I'm asking for, my choice to be respected. You say that I accuse others of being perverts, but I suppose you cannot see that your reactions and behavior are making you look like one. My good sir, you act like you cannot survive without seeing a penis, and when someone refuses to draw one for you, look at all the drama that you create.

Okay, I admit you make me laugh, you're adorable. You remind me of a child who is all grumpy because mommy said no when he asked for a lollipop.
4 months ago
I'm not creating drama, I only answer your questions and I respond to what you say. It was you the one who started the conversation, after all. And I do take my decisions seriously, but I suppose you also consider that determination is a bad thing when it includes no nudes.

Seriously, are you actually seeing your reaction just because I'm not drawing nudes anymore? And you accuse me of being dramatic. Sure.
4 months ago
I'm not being pretentious, mate, I cannot give it to you straighter and I cannot be more honest with you or anyone. I will no longer draw nudes because it makes me feel uncomfortable, as simple as that, my friend. You say that I'm disappointing people, but the only people I disappoint is the people who refuse to respect my choice and my individuality as a person. I suppose they forget that drawing nudes is not a requirement for all artists, only an option. People will love you for that, but the moment you stop when you realize that you wish to do something else, they now hate you and they kick you out because now they see you as nothing. That, my friend, is the reality that I refused to see before.
4 months ago
A shame indeed, a shame that it took me so long to open my eyes. I do think about the people I disappoint, the people who choose to walk by my side no matter the changes my drawings and I go through. They win my admiration, consideration and respect.

No longer interested in my work, I respect that and I appreciate your honesty. May you have a pleasant weekend.
4 months ago
Not sure you will understand my reasons, mate. I have many, and that includes an experience that I once had. I was sent a private message from a teenage boy, a message in which I was being thanked for making people horny with my drawings. I know the boy meant his words as a compliment, but they made me feel awefully bad. I never forget that experience, the words and how I felt. It was like pouring a bucket of freezing water all over me, it felt as horrible.
4 months ago
I stopped drawing nudes because I was no longer feeling comfortable. That would be the best answer I can give you.
4 months ago
Right, I no longer draw NSFW pictures.
4 months, 1 week ago
Honestly im just lazy and hate uploading on other sites :(
9 months ago
These favorites are looking pretty gay
10 months ago
I never said you were, this goes those who claim but i know who aren't.
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