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Aries VS The Reaper of Hearts by LoPun
Aries VS The Reaper of Hearts
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Aries VS The Reaper of Hearts by LoPun
Aries VS The Reaper of Hearts

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Aries VS The Reaper of Hearts by LoPun
Nevermore of Spades
A horror cartoon I and my partner, Airaries26.deviantart.com are creating together about this eccentric fox causing trouble. LOL.
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bieeeeeeeeber by Kyma
by Kyma
take it off by anklebutts
take it off
HI THERE. The name's Punz, but I'm known as "LoPun" at www.lopun.deviantart.com ! It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm a horror dark artist and an anthro artist. I draw warped anthro creatures for a living. -U- I draw for Airaries26 on deviantart, he and I are lovers and partners for a story we are currently organizing and writing up, called "Nevermore of Spades."I draw horror pieces, satirical/comedic comics and art, and some romance. I'm also working on a piece I created on my own called "Circus Necrosis."

Nevermore of Spades is about a melancholic, eccentric, anthropomorphic fugitive grey fox named Aries Vadraxez. He has some demonic traits and a very gentlemen-like personality. He has the decorum of a vampire and the animosity of a werewolf. He's an undead. He goes around causing trouble and chaos across victorian-esque towns and villages. He feeds off of fear and hate. From time to time, a high-tech, powerful agency called "Arachnotech" chases him down since he is convicted of crime and theft from their agency (he stole weapons and money.) He meets a slender, beautiful yet, ominous feline at a masquerade, in which he recognized from before. Punz Kondruz, soon to turn 16, is a loner feline witch who lives nearby a small barn she owns in the outskirts of town. Little does Aries know about her witchery, and little does she know about his animosity.

Circus Necrosis: Little plot was made, but it's about an abandoned carnival full of society-rejected freaks, ghost children and zombie kids, and other undeads. Anyone who enters the carnival and circus, never returns. So it's a horror story. XD
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7 years, 3 months ago
Damn you stole your own comment virginity > 3 <
7 years, 3 months ago
Will upload pieces soon!
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