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Gift for Jankin by Lennsy
Gift for Jankin
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Gift for Jankin by Lennsy
Gift for Jankin
A doodle doe by Lennsy
A doodle doe
Skunk's Sleepy Afternoon by Lennsy
Skunk's Sleepy Afternoon
TilikumTheGollum - Request Making Of by Lennsy
TilikumTheGollum - Request Mak...
Jankin Plushie [Gift] by Lennsy
Jankin Plushie [Gift]
Ulti in Space [Request] by Lennsy
Ulti in Space [Request]
Draxicore Plushie by Lennsy
Draxicore Plushie
Sweet Candle Light [Request] by Lennsy
Sweet Candle Light [Request]
Elizuke & Powerpuff Love [Request] by Lennsy
Elizuke & Powerpuff Love [Requ...
Falufo [Commission done by Atsshi] by Lennsy
Falufo [Commission done by Ats...
Xeno [Request] by Lennsy
Xeno [Request]
My Cole (LQ Ref Sheet) by Lennsy
My Cole (LQ Ref Sheet)
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SCREEEEEEE by pheonixbat
I am Lennsy and I love to be creative ^.^
I do furry art, simple animal art and paintings from nature.

I will do some uploads from time to time, but you might try out my other sites for more active content. I am also on Furaffinity.net and deviantart.com.

For my music, try look here - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/cryingwildfalufo
or https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbgdW72ghqgL_ZPhsFDdrZQ (look for Lennsy there)

About me:

Name: Lennsy (birth name sucks)
Age: 21
Country: Germany
Art Style: Traditional Drawings, Digital Drawings, Music, Writing, Photography
I like: animals, snow, music, games, nature, cute stuff, hugs, being carassed, make people happy
I don't like: war, guns, nsfw art, unfairness, hatred, machines, military, violence, typical human values, bad images of wolves, selfishness
Music I like: soundtracks, metalcore, post-hardcore, calm electronics, acoustic, indie rock
Games I like: sidescrollers, jump 'n' run, horror, demonic fantasy games, some rpgs, funny

If you have any questions, just note me. Like I would bite ^.^

[b]READ: For requests check out my furaffinity profile, to see if I'm currently doing requests or commissions! [/b]


ART STREAMS - https://picarto.tv/LennsyVanFeral
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