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Pikabowl by Latia
So uh.. Hi?
‌I guess you can say I'm a newface here. I'm not the absolute best artist or anything but I dunno. I heard way too much about this site so I now decided, "why not?" and boom. Here I am. Maybe here I m...
4 years, 9 months ago
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Pikabowl by Latia
So Guess What I Learned by Latia
So Guess What I Learned
Check out my awesome hat by Latia
Check out my awesome hat
Dendenne by Latia
Whiskers the Cat by Latia
Whiskers the Cat
"I'm Sorry Master..." by Latia
"I'm Sorry Master..."
"Hi Guys" by Latia
"Hi Guys"
 Eevee and Fennekin by blackeevee
Eevee and Fennekin
Pika Summer Fun by Shippo
Pika Summer Fun
by Shippo
Twinkle twinkle little pup by Popsicles
Twinkle twinkle little pup
by Popsicles
[Commission] Fire Bender by Nurinaki
[Commission] Fire Bender
by Nurinaki
My goddess by Syntex
My goddess
by Syntex
The spot by Syntex
The spot
by Syntex
Welcome to the team! by NekoStar
Welcome to the team!
by NekoStar
Feminine Blue by PlushCrochet
Feminine Blue
Share? by WinickLim
by WinickLim
Loving Season by WinickLim
Loving Season
by WinickLim
Unintall the Reality  by TimerRabbit
Unintall the Reality
Doodle Dump by Royyy
Doodle Dump
by Royyy
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I always never know what to put for profile information. So here's what I put on DeviantArt:
Skill Level in Art: 30/100 (1 and a half star)
Programs Used: GIMP 2.6.6, Sai, Photoshop CS5
Experience: 17 years
Artist Title: Rookie in Training
Orientation: Biromantic-Asexual, Gray-Asexual
Intelligence: Dimwitted/Naive (half star)
One word self description: Dark
Description from others: Nervous
Maybe the thing form Nabyn might be helpful too.
I am Latia Azumori Tai Niide Kotel Pernell. When it comes to anime, I happen to be a moe nekomimi. I guess I can draw with some kind of skill. I feel that I mastered my technique with GIMP and Paint Tool SAI. I am told that not only do I have drawing abilities, but also I have a slight singing voice. However... I strongly dislike all that I do due to my self esteem but there's one thing that I'm proud of. My die-hard, never-give-up spirit when it comes to competitive gaming. That doesn't mean I'll be the best at headshots on Call of Duty. I don't stop if I lose a race, constantly get beaten in a battle, and fail a quest. My art is mainly inspired by personal experiences, venting, beliefs, and what I see or hear. So I guess you can say that I'm slightly multitalented.
Hopefully this helps others know me or something. ...Gods I suck.
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Fur Affinity
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3 years ago
Thanks a lot for the fave!^^
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