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Hi there! I'm Lakota.

You can usually find me online as LakotaWolf or LakotaSilver.

I'm female, am probably older than you are, and I live in Southern California, USA.
I have a boyfriend of 12 years who is not a furry, though I forced a wolf character onto him long ago. XD

Uh so I guess that makes me -

| Female | I'M OLDER THAN YOU THINK I AM | Straight | In a Relationship |

...I think that covers the basic info that most people seem to have on their profiles... XD I'M NEW TO THIS SHIT OKAY

I don't have any other awesome things to fill this page with right now >_>

So I'll give you a link to my Tumblr, which I post to occasionally! XD


If you want some info about me for some reason, here's a pile of things I like!

Dogs, wolves, reading (scifi and fantasy), football (St. Louis Rams!), MMA, the UFC, boxing, tanks, fighter planes, rocket launchers, graphic novels, MMORPGs, RPGs, video games in general, drawing, sewing, cars, Top Gear (British version), anime, manga, the WWE, triops, steak, sushi, not sleeping, the Bugatti Veyron, and diet soda.

I also like a lot of other things, but those are the things I like best.

If you're interested in Lakota (who is really just me with some fur glued on), an absolutely amazing reference page is here:


I used all of my hard-earned Geocities skillz making that page.

Here are some of my awesome frands who have Inkbunny accounts GO SEE THEM THEY ARE BETTER AT ARTS THAN ME


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