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I'm just your average random asshole browsing through the depths of the furry interweb in search of stuff to fap to. You should keep in mind that there'll be weird/extreme stuff on my favorites, if you're not into that I suggest moving on and looking elsewhere.

I can't stand social justice warriors and drama queens, so if you're one of those, go bother someone else with your self-righteous ethic speech. Don't get me wrong, I believe everyone should be respected. Act like a mature adult and respect those around you and I'll treat you like an adult and respect you, act like a bitch and I'll just ignore you.

I love gaming and furry erotic art more than anything in this damned world. I'm a huge geek and big on comic books, anime and visual novels. I am a roleplayer but at the moment I'm afraid I didn't settle a f-list or any other kind of roleplaying profile under this alias.

"If there's a hole I'm fuckin' it!" -- I am a bisexual male by the way, with a strong female preference. I have a soft spot for feet/paws, fat ladies, femboys, pandarens and dickgirls (best of both worlds there). Yes, I like some weird stuff, don't like it? Avoid it and mind your own business. I've got a feeling we're gonna be great pals already if you do that.

You liked my brief introduction and would like to know me better? Oh ain't that cute? Let's make a deal, if that's the case then just sent me a note or something (I don't bite) but don't expect me to tell you my real name, where I live or who I am. If you just wanna chat or roleplay, however, maybe I can help you.

This is it, you big fluffly bastards. Be seeing you all around and have a great time.
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