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Hi, I'm Kimi. I live in Japanland and am somewhat new to this site, but have been a member of Fur Affinity for years.

I'm a traditional artist, though currently I only use Sai. I've been trying to learn how to do digital art. I also enjoy writing and hopefully I'll be posting stories at some point as well.

If you're wondering, I do in fact rp. As for what I will rp, that depends. Mostly I prefer fantasy and sci fi based stuff. I do use more then just one character, but usually I stick with my main sona or my other sona.

My main sona, I suppose is a lot more plain then most furries. She is a simple albino husky. Her fur is white and her nose, the inside of her ears and paw pads are a soft pink. My favorite color is teal blue and so her eyes are teal. X3 In real life I have a birth mark on my boob in the shape of a perfect heart, so my sona does as well. lawlz Also since my figure in real life is so petite so is my sona's. In real life I'm only 5 foot tall and 110 pounds. My main sona is only a tiny bit smaller. 4'6" and 75 pounds. My main sona's tail sometimes hangs straight but most of the time it curls cutely behind her. It's very fluffy.  :3 That pretty much sums it up... though I think the explanation was a bit unnecessary due to all the pictures I have of her. X3

My other sona is a white lab mouse. She's an albino. Her fur is pure white and she has pink ears, and a pink tail. Her nose and nipples are also pink. Like most other albinos, she has red/pink eyes. She has a petite figure like my main sona, small chested, thin and short. She stands at 4'9" and weighs 90 pounds. Her hair is white like her fur and is very long, hanging down past her waist. Often you'll find her wearing goggles on her head and a lab coat.  
Currently I am only taking digital art commissions. Here is my set pricing...

Sketches $10

Inked $15

Flat color $20

Full color $30

Extra characters are an additional $5 each

Adding background is an additional $10
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7 years, 8 months ago
Hi there!
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