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Sailor's Wife by KibaShadowpaw
Sailor's Wife
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Sailor's Wife by KibaShadowpaw
Sailor's Wife
Broken Angel by KibaShadowpaw
Broken Angel
Poem ~ Fantasy by KibaShadowpaw
Poem ~ Fantasy
A Rose 4 U by TaviMunk
A Rose 4 U
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Bring back the Night by Longinius
Bring back the Night
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Introducing Pandora .:CMS:. by WolfLady
Introducing Pandora .:CMS:.
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Lineless Roxy  by WolfLady
Lineless Roxy
by WolfLady
Lineless Garu .:GIFT:. by WolfLady
Lineless Garu .:GIFT:.
by WolfLady
Being Silly by WolfLady
Being Silly
by WolfLady
Roxy by WolfLady
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Hiya! by WolfLady
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Club can't even handle me right now by Snofu
Club can't even handle me righ...
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Starfall by torinsangel
What?! .:GIFT:. by WolfLady
What?! .:GIFT:.
by WolfLady
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I'm just a simple little wolfsky (Timberwolf/Siberian Husky mix) i'm an art whore, i'll comment and fav pics if i really like them, aside from that i'm a bit of a writer and amateur photographer, sometimes i'll have a little poem or two pop up in my head if i see a really good piece of art. I'll try be sure to put anyone's name as a reference to a piece i typed as a thanks for the inspiration, some of my pieces i wrote without the help of others art, i would love to have drawn to life sometime, so if you read something you like and have a vivid enough imagination to bring it to life, feel free to do so, just link me to the finished piece so i may see how beautiful it turns out ^^ I'm sorta classified as pagan/wiccan, but that's only because of the things i'm capable of doing, which will be left unknown for now til i feel comfortable enough to tell you more about myself

I love fan art, don't get much but when i do, it's greatly appreciated :3 i still have some piececs floatin around out there that i need to gather as well >.> but if you'd like to draw either Kiba or Shadow, note me with details of what it is you want and i'll send a reply asap letting you know if i'm ok with it or if that's one of the few things i don't approve of =w= My fursona is as follows:

Kiba: solid white fur with an aquamarine blue crescent moon on his left shoulder, a silver star on his right cheek and a pinkish (almost scar-like) cancer zodiac sign behind his left ear (identical to Shadow's), his eyes are aquamarine with flakes of silver.

Shadow: jet black fur with an crimson red celtic knot sun on his left shoulder, a silver star on his "right" cheek and a pinkish (almost scar-like) cancer zodiac sign behind his left ear (identical to Kiba's), his eyes are crimson with flakes of silver.

~as you wander deeper into the forest you see a pair of wolves curled up each other in an almost perfect circle forming a yin-yang. The white wolf's head rises and then he fades away in a cloudy silver mist, Shadow looks up from his slumber to see a guest and rises slowly stretching and bows head softly~ ..welcome, I'm Shadow, that was my other half, Kiba.. He shys away from newcomers, so don't take any offense if he doesn't warm up to you for a while, he's rather timid and shy at first, as for me, i'll speak my mind and tell you to back off or step it up if i see fit~

Kiba and I are twins, but not by the bond of blood, marriage, friendship, our souls are what bind us, we've shared each others laughter, heartache and love. We are one in the same but two completely different people. To achieve true happiness we use each others weaknesses as our own strengths (and sometimes stregths to create weaknesses where need be), shaping and forming to adapt to almost any situation, or even the people we're around. Most wouldn't see or realize this unless the knew both of us because we transition so well, our moods and expressions being the only visible signs, but even those are well hidden as well~ Until you get to know the yin of us, you won't be able to meet Kiba, the yang~ There's a wonderful quote that i had heard a while back that ended in "If you can't handle me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best~" which it's true... So if you think you might be able to handle this crazy mess of fluff n cuddles, feel free to try, but don't be mad if we end up breaking your heart, or if we're too much for you to handle~ but on that note, i'll leave the rest of us to be a mystery -smirks slowly grinning- have a blessed day~  ...oh and before you decide to try to contact me, let me know who you are so i don't ignore/block you, i get random requests to be added all the time

~~~~~Will Update and improve profile later~~~~~
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6 years ago
hey kiba, Thanks for watching ^^
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