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Sharla v0.1 by Keywee612
Sharla v0.1
What to do in here?
i know make a comic about my fursona also a OC, draw some OC already making some and make them NSFW... Only way to get notice around here. also Got FA account (Keywee) Need to get friend here or som...
1 week, 2 days ago
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Sharla v0.1 by Keywee612
Sharla v0.1
Edia Tello 1.0v by Keywee612
Edia Tello 1.0v
Edia Tello 0.5v by Keywee612
Edia Tello 0.5v

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Sharla v0.1 by Keywee612
OC Pool
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Edia Tello 0.5v by Keywee612
fursona 1
1 submission
Never forgotten by joykill
Never forgotten
by joykill
My attempt at drawing a ref for myself! by Berrylicious
My attempt at drawing a ref fo...
Commission: Braixen by HowSplendid
Commission: Braixen
Matty by ClaraLaine
Straviios April Commission 01 by KurisuLeon
Straviios April Commission 01
Sally on the prowl! (C) by Foxy101
Sally on the prowl! (C)
by Foxy101
Gift Art for Shizuki by JenKitty20
Gift Art for Shizuki
Shizuki Gift art 1 by KoinuKasuka
Shizuki Gift art 1
Hello there I'm keywee612 may call me kiwi if you like.
I'm decent artist for human characters, never draw a furry characters
also i am a game development but that is another realty life not here,
I'm here trying to find some friend who accept who i am.

my fursoan is a cabbit and male, find it cute and who I am and his name is Edia Tello
and will making OC later also make ASMR introduce my fursoan

why i am shy persons and very anxiety and sensitive in social environments unless your my family because i have autism i like call my 'Puzzle', so that new for me also love meaning thing like color green , 'You are a loyal friend and/or a faithful partner, gentle but not passionate.', i don't know mean love right i am passionate but not in love way i am more not about relationship, it a childhood feelings or friendship, feel more comfortable around female than male it my autism thing.

Favorite game genres:
RPG Game, Platform Game and Shoot 'em up game big of Shoot 'em up even bullet hell game.

I really suck making 'About me information'

new to the whole fandom, Feel free to drop a message.
Main goal to have friend or who accept who i am., don’t have friend anymore since got school out, I hope make some friend here, kinda shy not very social and that my is puzzles.

P.S plz don't ask me *what is your first languages* i get that lot other website
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