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Regarding ambition
One of the things about the wonderful society we live in I don’t understand is the concept of “ambition”. I’m not sure what this ambition thing is all about. I don’t get the whole “I must be the best”...
9 years, 3 months ago
Who I am:
Heyla everyone! I'm Keita. Keita Haruka. But you can just call me Keita. Everyone except my parents do. I'm a sort-of Therian/Were (because I operate on my own definitions here) furry spiritualist. I'm a wolf, with all the accompanying characteristics: loyal, loving, fierce, pack-oriented but enirely capable of making it alone. I don't bite stangers who approach me (unless they deserve it), but don't expect me to take to you instantly either.

Where I'm from:
I was born and raised in South Africa. Yes...the country of Apartheid, Nelson Mandela and the 2010 Soccer World Cup. That South Africa. It's...well...at the southern-most tip of Africa, if the name didn't give the location away. I live in a town called Vereeniging...but don't try to pronounce that in English please. I can't help but laugh when an English-speaking person tries. Which answers another question. No. English is NOT my first language. I'm Afrikaans. I'm an Afrikaner. And I'm 27 years old.

Where I'm going:
That's a very existential question. Do any us really know where we're going? I do know that in September, I'll be heading Stateside for a bit of a holiday and to meet up with my mate whom I've been with online for the last 2-and-a-bit years. It's high time we met, I think. So yeah. Most likely, I'll be leaving SA in the next few years to go to the US or Canada...whichever is easiest/most welcoming.

What I do:
Well...like I said, I'm a furry spiritualist, and nature has been my core passion since I was a very small puppy. I always knew I'd end up doing something involving nature, so my entire school and university career was geared toward that. I aced science and biology at school and I majored in zoology and mictobiology for my B.Sc. My Masters degree was in Environmental Science and Management...and that pretty much sums up my profession too. My job title is Environmental Management Inspector. That means I'm working for government as a compliance monitoring and enforcement officer. I'm the guy who will slap you with a fine or jailtime if you fuck with mother nature.

What I do artistically:
I'm a writer. I can't draw worth a shit, and I don't seem to have much talent composing music. I write. I've written since I turned 14, so I've been at it for a long time. I do sci-fi and fantasy mostly, but I've also branched out into more mundane settings. Not everything I do is furry-oriented (in fact...furry stuff seems to be the minority of my writings), but as per site polity, furry work is all you'll see from me here. I also do lyrics. A friend of mine recorded a song featuring lyrics I did for him a while back, so I don't suck completely with that.

What I like/don't like:
I'm into sci-fi and fantasy things, I'm an absolute car nut (yeah yeah...environmentalists shouldn't like cars I know) and I love food. I can cook...but I'm just a bumbling amateur compared to my very amazing mate. I like people who can spell and punctuate properly. You have no idea how frustrating it is reading badly punctuated and spelled text. I'm into music too. Rock and Metal, but also Classical, Jazz, Comtemporary and New Age/Celtic.

What I like/dislike artistically:
If it's got canines in it, I'll probably love it. I'm an adult, so I like adult things too. Clean or dirty, I don't care. When it comes to teh dirteh stuff, I prefer canine-looking bits. I'm not all about the pr0nz though. I'm a romantic at heart, so romantic scenes will almost always get the nod from me. Well-drawn, romantic canines with canine bits = instafave. Well, almost. I'm gay. VERY gay. Females is a definite no-no for me. Boobs especially I find kinda nauseating. I'm into some fetishes, but not all. Oddly enough...there are some fetishes I'll DO, but looking at them in pics just makes me sick. So...yeah. I'm weird like that. Just because I get hot over looking at something doesn't mean I'll do it, and vice versa.

My fursona:
Species: Anthro Wolf (very occasionally Feral Wolf).
Height: 5'10
Weight: That's variable. VERY variable.
Colouring: Solid black with white earcups and a white tailtip. White treasure trail that end at my navel.
Markings: White pawprint over my heart. That's my mate's marking.
Wear: Blue or black jeans with printed or unprinted t's. Occasionally black leather with silver accents. I wear a necklace with a wolf paw, or one with a wolf head. One was given me by my HeartMom, the other by my mate. I treasure both and wear either or both always. I wear a silver ring on the little finger of my left paw and a platinum band on the finger right next to it. That's the engagement ring. When I'm wearing my leathers, I might wear two silver hoops in my left ear, connected with a small, dangling silver chain. I might also wear a black collor with a single silver D-ring. That's...well...what passes for formal wear. It has nothing to do with fetishism. I just like the look.

My status:
Mated and very much monogamous, so don't ask me to RP with you or to write you something featuring your fursona and mine. NOT gonna happen.
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8 years, 5 months ago
HI KEITA!!! *ker-SNUGZ!*
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