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Kaidae Reference by Kaidae
Kaidae Reference
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Kaidae Reference by Kaidae
Kaidae Reference
Kaidae Ref by Kaidae
Kaidae Ref
    Hi there! I'm Kaidae ^-^

Welcome to my page!

I'm new here but i like it so far! I can always use help getting around and learning how to use the site.

I'm very open to making friends and I love talking to people. I am 19, and female.

My sona is here: Kaidae

More About Me
I'm a nice person, i love making new friends and talking to people i have things in common with. I can be the biggest bitch you'll ever meet, or the sweetest angel. I have good days and bad days just like anyone else, if you happen to catch me on a bad day, please don't be offended if i come off as bitchy or rude, i try to be as nice as i can be, even when I'm upset or angry.

 I've been in the fandom for a few years now and i love it, the fursuits, the art, the cute and badass fursonas. I love animals, all kinds, dogs, cats, wolves, tigers, bears, leopards, lions, cheetahs, red pandas, and many more.

I'm an anime freak, its amazing, I love it.

 My favorite animes so far are Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Bleach, Fruits Basket, Kaze No Stigma, Rosario + Vampire, Prince of Tennis, Kenichi, and Soul Eater. i have yet to watch more but i'm still searching for good ones to see.

If no one has noticed yet, my favorite anime character from Bleach is Renji Abarai. i don't know why, but he just is.

I'm not an artist in the least, but I've wanted to get into fur crafting. Its just so cute and adorable ^-^

I'll hopefully have prices up soon, and eventually i'll be posting examples. For now, i can only make handpaws, ears, and tails, but i can try pillows, hats, leg warmers, throws, stuff like that, but i wanna do simple stuff to start out.

 If you happen to want or are interested in anything fur related, please contact me here via notes or on skype.

my Skype is Kaidae123
please don't rp with me unless i say its okay.

 NOTHING sexual ever.
i mean it. don't test me.

thanks for reading!
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