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New Submission by JBCBlank
New Submission
Any and all art is uploaded to FA
I am going to only use this site to upload things that have been commissioned from me starting in 2014. All old commissions and anything that I myself have commissioned can be found on FA please fal...
5 years ago
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New Submission by JBCBlank
New Submission
Commission_Bundle_Poli_KYLE FOXSON_ 3/3 by JBCBlank
Commission_Bundle_Poli_KYLE FO...
Commission sheet 2015 by JBCBlank
Commission sheet 2015
Kira, new ref sheet 2015 by JBCBlank
Kira, new ref sheet 2015
Commission_Bundle_Introduction Pro KYLE FOXSON 4/6 by JBCBlank
Commission_Bundle_Introduction Pro KYLE FOXSON 3/6 by JBCBlank
Personal_puff practice (experiment) by JBCBlank
Personal_puff practice (experi...
Luvdisc ♥ by elPatrixF
Luvdisc ♥
by elPatrixF
Hello Everybody,

I am Kira the Fox/Skunk Hybred and I am an artist in many ways.
I'm taken by the great and wonderful Panda known as LNM.

I love to draw, not just furries but other things, even thought I can NEVER draw a human right.

Although I love to draw I have yet to draw professionally, though i would love the chance to do so and I hope that you lovely furs can give me that chance. However, drawings are not my passion, I am a very ambitious fur and I am always making new plans and trying to come up with new projects to keep my mind active. My favorite thing to do as of right now is making yarn tails. I took inspiration from the work of the great goddess of tails herself Bir and started making tails in the hopes that I could work for her and make tails at the same level as she does. Of course I can't charge the same as she does, nor can I do as much work as she can, but I'll always do my best and will keep track of everyone who orders a tail.

If you want a look at my +18 art, check out my FA page. It's in there. https://www.furaffinity.net/user/jbcblank/
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