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Two More Stories Coming Down the Line!
Awesome news! I've had two fresh short stories accepted for publication in anthologies. This time around, they're both acceptable for all ages, though they do contain some dark themes. Both are kinda ...
1 year, 10 months ago
It's 2016...Storytime.
Happy New Year to everyone! My plan is to be writing my socks off in the next couple months. The new crop of anthologies are revving up over on Furplanet. We have some cool themes and I plan to submit...
2 years, 3 months ago
You Can Now Buy My Stories!
We're live! Two adult anthologies, both containing stories written by me, are available for pre-order from FurPlanet! Check them out, as there's plenty of furry goodness in each. Will of the Alpha 2 ...
2 years, 7 months ago

Hello, everyone! You've found the official InkBunny page for Ross Whitlock, author of furry fantasy. This page is still under construction, so stay tuned for future updates.

Who am I? I'm an American author and longtime furry. Most of what I write falls under the banner of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. And a lot of it is furry in nature. Here is where I share snippets, news, and updates with you all! Out in the real world, I live in Colorado with my boyfriend, drink a lot of tea and take a lot of walks. And write!


HENGE is the furry fantasy world I have invented, and the series of novels I'm currently writing. I dream of publishing it in some form or other, and soon I may be looking into self-publishing! Henge is a land of great beauty and unpredictable magic, a nation at war whose inhabitants face frightening yet exciting upheaval. My heroes are young, curious, and have a knack for trouble, which leads to all manner of thrilling hijinks. With Henge, I hope to entertain readers with an engaging furry fantasy world, mercifully free of cliches (no elves! No dead parents!), where each turn of the page brings a fresh discovery. I hope you'll join me.

The series so far...

War rages between Henge and the icy reptilian nation of Rozkassca. Claris Jaden, a headstrong young dhole, enlists in the army, eager to help fight the good fight. Being a soldier is no cakewalk, but Claris soon gathers a circle of allies and enemies -- most notably Kiri-Sethtepp, an enigmatic desert fox who works for the resident Fire mage. When Claris and Kiri uncover evidence of a clandestine Rozkasscan plot, they are swept up in a strange and dangerous adventure. In nation where the very rocks are steeped in volatile magic, anything can happen.
Status: I have completed a couple drafts of Henge and may do a bit more editing soon. I'm also delving into various publishing options!

The sequel to Henge, Roc picks up the action a year later as Claris and Kiri return for a brand-new adventure. I don't wanna spoil too much, but it involves an expedition in the desert, a plot against the throne, and some unusual new faces.
Status: I've just finished the first complete draft of Roc! It needs plenty of editing and reworking (the book I hold in my mind when I begin writing and the book I ultimately write are often very different), so I plan to let it cool its heels a bit before I dive back in and write the next draft.

GLYPH (Working Title)
Right now, the third entry in the Henge saga exists only as a scattering of ideas in my head. But those ideas continue to blossom. I know which characters will star and I have a vague idea of the plot. There will hopefully be a fourth book as well, but that's waaaaay down the line. Stay tuned!


I write other stuff too! Short stories, fragments, ideas, you name it. Parents be warned: while Henge is comfortably PG-13 (some violence, the occasional mild curse or sexual reference), some of the other stories I've written are erotic in nature and not appropriate for children. I've indicated the naughty stuff below.


Peryton Mod
Short Story (ADULTS ONLY, M/M). Published in Dungeon Grind, an erotic anthology of stories based around monsters from Dungeons & Dragons and its ilk. Available from FurPlanet!

Twins Apart
Short Story (ADULTS ONLY, M/M). Published in Will of the Alpha 2, an anthology of BDSM-themed furry stories. Available from FurPlanet!

Short Story (GENERAL AUDIENCE; SOME MATURE THEMES). Published in ROAR Vol. 7: Legend. Available from FurPlanet!

Short Story (GENERAL AUDIENCE; SOME MATURE THEMES), to be published in an anthology of furry science fiction and horror. Coming soon from FurPlanet!
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