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3 Song settings of poems by ee cummings by Hammerfist
3 Song settings of poems by ee cummings
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3 Song settings of poems by ee cummings by Hammerfist
3 Song settings of poems by ee...
Astray - Week Four by KichigaiKitsune
Astray - Week Four
I am a senior in college double-majoring in a crazy hybrid music degree and computer science.  I have a creative personality, but didn't really start creating until fairly recently.  Normal people usually consider me utterly insane, or if they're feeling generous, eccentric. This results from a less-than-conventional sense of humor (dry, sarcastic, morbid, absurdist, etc.) and an utter lack of anything resembling "normal behavior".  Despite this fact, I have a number of really wonderful friends (probably because they're all musicians too; and among artists of any type, a certain amount of eccentricity is to be expected).  I love really bad movies (both purposeful and not) and really good books.  Despite the fact that I go to a smallish Christian University where such is frowned upon, I often enjoy a nice beer and cigar (lets be honest; all artists smoke at least a little).  Musically, I am a decent pianist, vocalist, and composer.  I'm far above average in the nerdy art of Music Theory (which doesn't help my reputation as far as normalcy goes).  I enjoy a good (or bad) anime or manga, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and whatever other nerdy pursuits one could name.  I have recently discovered Mystery Science Theater 3000, which is currently the uttermost joy of my existence.  As far as furry art goes, I'm an enthusiastic (if utterly unskilled) drawer and writer and will post whatever music/art/stories I deem presentable.  My better skills come from consuming such.  As aforementioned, I'm a voracious reader and accomplished grammatician (when I play close attention anyway) and am more than happy to provide proofreading and story critiques.  If I don't PM you with such before you find me, I'd be honored to be included in your creative process.  Just send me a PM and get the ball rolling.  Also, if you have any poetry that you'd like set to music, please send it my way.  I'll be ecstatic to do my best in the style of your choice (though my normal millieu is Jazz or Classical).
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7 years, 6 months ago
Thanks for watching me here, too.
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