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A pink herm bunny (irp) mtf transexual (irl) I came here to kill things and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of bubblegum

As you would approach from afar all you would make out is a seemingly female fur with pale pink fur that strangely seems to glisten in some places as it reflects light. Getting closer it would become apparant that the creature before you at least seemed to be of the lapine (rabbit) species. As you got even closer you would realize this certainly isn't your garden variety rabbit clearly this bunny was built for battle. Wearing beautifully crafted and intricately feminine plate armor and wielding dual chain blades this bunny means business but there is something strange about hir. One of hir eyes her left is milky and seemingly blind with a scar running from the forehead across it to hir cheek the other eye bore a seal in place of the iris and pupil in the shape of an intricate pentacle more commonly known as a ciel phantomhive eye symbolizing a contract with a demon. That was just hir eyes though hir bunny ears were long and swept back and adorned with all manner of piercings hir muzzle and under jaw were also heavily adorned with piercings. Hir hair was long flowing all the way down to hir ankles and transitioned from pink hair to translucent pink goo seemingly at random along its length. And that's just when shi is clothed. If you were blessed enough to be allowed to see hir unclothed shi would be truly a sight to behold. With a lithe toned athletic build hardened by countless years of combat shi was quite a looker. With perky medium sized breasts and a body built and toned by combat shi was attractive to say the least. You would notice a very strange trend with hir in that shi seemed to be some sort of rabbit/goo hybrid with parts of hir fur strangely transitioning to pink goo that allowed you to see completely through hir seemingly organless body. Well. .. Not completely organless. ... following hir body down you would find that shi was a hermaphrodite possessing a full set of male and female reproductive organs however hir testicles were hidden Inside hir body and hir Penis hidden away in a modesty pouch unless it was fully erect. Hir to be gruff pussy was not similarly hidden and was in the normal place Between hir legs. Continuing down hir legs were digigrade ending in lapine paws . Hir tail was a classic reverse teardrop shape and altogether normal. Now moving onto markings. The strangest feature of the creature perhaps is the strange glowing arcane circles and runes that seem to cover hir body seeming to disapear from one location only to reappear in another ever changing and shifting never staying the same. Hir final distinguishing mark is a heart shaped black mark on hir midriff off to the right and allitle below hir belly button near hir pantyline. And this friends is the strange creature known as Flora Eclair MagicCaster
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