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Fits perfect! by ThatWildMary by Iztli
Fits perfect! by ThatWildMary
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Fits perfect! by ThatWildMary by Iztli
Fits perfect! by ThatWildMary
by Iztli
Hello! I guess I exist here now. I'm a floofzy kitty I guess :3c.

You can just call me Kitten or Tomi; I'm fine with either. I don't really draw besides the occasional pixel art here and there, but, even then my pixel art is below average and takes way too long to make. I'm colourblind, too, so that doesn't help when I'm trying to create (I need labels on all my colours or I'll do things like get red and brown mixed up or blue and purple) and that also impedes my ability to create pictures where the colours complement eachother as I see colours differently to others.

My profile picture is my fursona, created by my girlfriend. Find her on DeviantArt under the username "3vilwolf".
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3 years, 10 months ago
Thank you very much! The idea to do that was spawned when I saw Let's Plays of a bunch of really horrible Visual Novels. So I thought "I can do a better job than them." And that was what drove me to do the best I could. So I'm glad to see you appreciate it. :3
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