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Back to back by FartgodAnubis
Back to back
Information for stories
*Requests*: I'm writing an idea of you for free *Trades*: Same as requests,  only that you draw/write something in return *Commission*: Same as trade,  only that you pay an artist to draw/write some...
3 years, 4 months ago
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Back to back by FartgodAnubis
Back to back
A selfie with stars by FartgodAnubis
A selfie with stars
Lupo by FartgodAnubis
Anubis ref by FartgodAnubis
Anubis ref

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Lupo by FartgodAnubis
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Back to back by FartgodAnubis
A selfie with stars by FartgodAnubis
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Back to back by FartgodAnubis
A selfie with stars by FartgodAnubis
Lupo by FartgodAnubis
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awesome headshot by Lownleinhigh by ALESSIO626
awesome headshot by Lownleinhi...
Red XIII Lights a Fart! by HatchlingByHeart
Red XIII Lights a Fart!
Hey everybody and welcome to my userpage ^^
I'm glad that you are interested into my page and I hope that you like it.

What am I going to see?
Well... I think the username makes things clearly :-P
Of course you are going to see gassy characters, spreading out their smell with glee. Of course I am speaking about farts I gotta say that I like it to include some watersports too.
It may happen that other things are included as well.
I'll always make a list of included kinks, in the description of my stories.  The tags will also include these informations.

What can I expect from your gallery?
How you can see, I'm a writer. Stories are the main content in the gallery but there are also pictures that were made by others, for me.
Ref sheets of my characters are (normally) ref bases that I colored.

Are you taking requests/trades/commissions?[/b]
Well I gotta say that I aim to become a known writer. You will probably see that I have to improve my writing skills and how can I do this?  Right,  taking requests. ^^
However,  I honestly prefer trades. Don't want to sound selfish but it feels better to receive something in exchange.
For the moment I don't think that my stories are worth to be called a commission.  If you really want a commission me,  I'll accept it,  but don't await something great.

Short form: Yes,  I am taking requests, trades and commissions.
Please take care to read the rules
Something else to know for requests/trades/commisions?
Just one thing:
I'll work with slots,  4 to be exactly.  
If the slots are taken,  anything is closed 'till a slot is free.

- DoggettDouglasMcDog(trade)
- AnimeLoverChaos

Do you rp?
Of course I do ^^
If you want to rp with me,  than note me on f-list.

Unfortunately it's the only place I will rp on.

I don't have Skype or something else.  I also will not use whatsapp or something comparable because I don't give my number to persons I don't know.

I would be very happy if you allow me to create a story,  based on the rp ^^

Can I use your submissions?
It depends on what you are going to do.
Since I don't see a reason for using a story,  you are not allowed to use it.  If you are able to give me a good reason I could allow the usage.  (You are always allowed to reupload a story here on fa,  as long as it is a story I wrote for you,  aka requests, trades and commissions)

For pictures,  you are allowed to use them as a reference picture on f-list but....
-ask the one who has drawn them (anything that isn't made from a ref base was drawn by others ).
-Show me the character before,  I want to see if I feel comfortable with you,  using my characters image
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Fur Affinity
Lupo Skinnet
Tyson Lionheart
3 years, 1 month ago
thankies for the faves :3
3 years, 4 months ago
Heh, no problem. Welcome to IB ^^
3 years, 4 months ago
awwwww thanks :)
3 years, 4 months ago
hey dude welcome on inkbunny and also thank you very much for all the faves :)
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