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Rainbow Snowmew~ <3 by EmoSkiz
Rainbow Snowmew~ <3
Comission Info
‌*Commission Information (mouse over for example links, some examples NSFW):* ‌Still Icons ( https://www.furaffinity.net/view/4696436/ ) - $1 Done digitally. Made at for standard 100x100 pixel size b...
8 years, 8 months ago
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Rainbow Snowmew~ <3 by EmoSkiz
Rainbow Snowmew~ <3
About me.
Hai, I'm Kyle.
What can I say about me?
Music & Art are my passion. ( Wanna talk bands or Artists?? ;D)
I'm loving, cute, and caring of other people. (most of the time)
I'm rather social if you send me a message I'm sure to reply.
OH! I love sugar. If you get me candy I will love you! :3

Well my fursona is a gray/ rainbow colored snow leopard named Skiz or Skitz. He is a femboy, and likes to have fun. He enjoys playing pranks on people, and being a flirt. His tail is VERY long, almost as long as he is tall and rainbow colored. He will sometimes be caught with glasses on so he can see far away, and he is usually wearing a collar or a bow with a large bell on it. He has several piercings because he has a small fetish for them, he dislikes most tattoos. He is addicted to candy and sugar, it makes him calm when he has a long day of annoyances. You will most always find him with headphones on, listening to all sorts of music from techno to opera to rock and roll. He loves to lay out on summer nights under the moon and watch the stars with his mate, and draw.

Commission info! <333

My ONE commish slot is: Empty ;~;
Interested in commissioning me click > Here <
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