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Personal - Sendarta Revamp! by DtheCadeyra
Personal - Sendarta Revamp!
I just brushed my teeth and used mouth wash. I have a fresh cup of coffee on my desk. I know the consequences but I'm sleepy.
1 hr, 25 mins ago
@solarsaber_ We are tablet twins!
2 hrs, 3 mins ago
It's been a while...
I've been working on a lot of thing... art wise, I'm doing some art trades atm and i will be working on reference sheets for my novel characters. I'm making a fursuit of my main fursona aaaand yeah......
3 years, 3 months ago
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Personal - Sendarta Revamp! by DtheCadeyra
Personal - Sendarta Revamp!
Personal - Fyris Revamp! by DtheCadeyra
Personal - Fyris Revamp!
Streaming Arttrades and OC's! by DtheCadeyra
Streaming Arttrades and OC's!
Personal - Doziai Badge by DtheCadeyra
Personal - Doziai Badge
Nisdan Bust by DtheCadeyra
Nisdan Bust
It's not a secret anymore by DtheCadeyra
It's not a secret anymore
Taro - Five Point Turnaround - ILLUS1 by DtheCadeyra
Taro - Five Point Turnaround -...
Taro - Hand poses sheet - ILLUS1 by DtheCadeyra
Taro - Hand poses sheet - ILLU...
Taro - Three pose - Five expression - ILLUS1 by DtheCadeyra
Taro - Three pose - Five expre...
Taro - Expression sheet - ILLUS1 by DtheCadeyra
Taro - Expression sheet - ILLU...
CadeyraandDSKETCH by DtheCadeyra
Cadeyra Badge by DtheCadeyra
Cadeyra Badge
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My name is Donitta... you may call me D, or even Cadeyra if you wish. (pronounced CAY-DRAH)

Uhm... so I'm new here and Weasly. Sort of new to Furaffinity, not very new to DeviantART. I'm an animation student as of September 2012.


If you would like a commission then please send me a message. I love seeing unique creatures and fursonas and getting to know peoples.
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