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Previously known as bettsboy115.
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4 months, 4 weeks ago
I still like hanging out on Tumblr, since a lot of the fandom is still there, but the smut-part has mostly moved here and on Twitter (but I hate Twitter too, hah) I still kinda post smut there, but only very cropped preview images with a link to the full pic on Inkbunny. Putting links means that your posts will not show up on searches, but that's okay. Was thinking of posting the comic on AO3 too perhaps. I haven't used that site much other then reading fics, but it's a very nice community based censor free site, so I might give it a shot.
5 months ago
Ayyy, still here drawing turtle smut ;) Yeah, I abandoned FA some time ago. Just found the site too old fashioned and slow and full of weirdo's (seriously, some of the creepiest peeps always seemed to find their way in to my inbox). One wouldn't think Inkbunny wouldn't be any better, but... surprise, it is! Also a lot easier to upload comics and edit submissions. I'm still pretty active on Tumblr, but after I changed my name there to Baraturts, it seems some aren't seeing my posts on their dash, some kind of annoying glitch.  
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