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The Burned Jackal by Daskudo
The Burned Jackal
Inkbunny dont allow human interspecies relationship
Dude thats a total hual, i love interspecies and stuff. I love humans and proud of it too. I lime to draw humans and anthro all day, and now the fandom kinda getting too strict on rules.
3 years, 5 months ago
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The Burned Jackal by Daskudo
The Burned Jackal
No humans policy? by Daskudo
No humans policy?
Anna the antifur by Daskudo
Anna the antifur
Retaliate  by Daskudo
De familia vs the Furry F{_}(l< F@?$ by Daskudo
De familia vs the Furry F{_}(l...
Werejackal Templar by Daskudo
Werejackal Templar
mi papá me asusta (My Dad Creeps Me Out) by Daskudo
mi papá me asusta (My Dad Cree...
GOH "Guardians of Humanity" by Daskudo
GOH "Guardians of Humanity"
Sally LeMurr by TheScarlettRed
Sally LeMurr
First Furry Hate Comment GET! by IsaidRAWR
First Furry Hate Comment GET!
by IsaidRAWR
Bleach Captain Zharr by Zharr18
Bleach Captain Zharr
by Zharr18
I'm Ronnie Alvarez and yes i like to draw. I also have a FA account Latinowerejackal.
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3 years, 4 months ago
pffff....what did I just say?....NO NEED TO CONTACT ME :P

seriously....I just knew what it feels like to be rejected for your different likes man (just like I hate boobacious, or big ass women while I love tall slender ones :D), so I decided to leave a little aid ;D
3 years, 5 months ago
if you love human x anthro.....then you'll love Twokinds: http://twokinds.keenspot.com/archive.php?p=1

no need to contact me. I just wanted to leave a little help.
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