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How I got into the Fandom.
I first got into the Fandom by watching alot of anime with half breed's like nekos and half canines out of anime shows like, Dog days, Inuyasha, Spice and Wolf, And so on :P. I first started to role-play as a neko on a small chat program called chatango, then moved along to f-list. Where I stayed role-playing intermittently between real-life and work. Before i had a small accident with a rather angry propeller from a remote controlled plane, * Decided to attack and bite my hand XD.* After receiving treatment and being in cast for almost 10 weeks I gave a go at Second life and instantly got addicted, even tho that these days it has gotten rather quiet and boring on there. I am trying to find games or things to do with my spare time but got no idea, I am always looking for ideas or multilayer games that I can join people with and have some fun.

A little about me.
I can be rather reclusive and shy at times and that I like to stick to the shadows if I can without being dragged out of them * let me hide :P *. I love to role-play and chat on Skype and Second Life, mainly either cuddly cute role-play's recently without being involved in yiffs (( Have recently decided to stop doing plain boring yiff role-plays.)) I have recently acquired a partial fursuit, made from different makers so I am a bit of a mix and match, But it is only a learning fursuit for me till i get my main fursona made into a fursuit. * does a happy dance*
I am a Welsh fur, born and raised in the valleys of south Wales, I have recently been referred to a big friendly bear. I have no idea though :P. Even though I am a welsh fur, I am not a fluent speaker of the language, even though I am trying to learn it in bits and pieces.

My fursona.
I have adopted with permission, A Jex from Second life. I have adapted and edited him so he is a little different from the rest. I fell in love as soon as i saw the Jex online one day and just wanted to be one. And has been from that day. he is friendly and always up for a chat and a cuddle. usually both at the same time. He has an interest with organisation and always presentable and has a rather playful side at times to. * watch out for those paws ^.~ * he likes to sneakily tickle any unsuspecting furries who tend to fall asleep on him or who are just standing around day dreaming to themselves. He also has a thing for really fluffy tails, tends to use them as pillows and now and again falls asleep on them :P.
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