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Saba commish by WagnerMutt
Saba commish
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Saba commish by WagnerMutt
Saba commish
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[Request] Gabriel Pinup
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After the Gym!
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I Make These Look Good
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Seasons pass on, life seems always the same, instead our inner being changes continuously. Human thought could be inconsistent if we take it by itself, it must be remembered that life is a flowing river: if you bathe in this river once, the next time you won't bathe in the same water, because it will be flowed into the ocean of existence. How is this relevant to me? The correct question is: how is this relevant to you? Maybe a lot of us forget our roots. History: no one cares about facts happened time ago, facts that return to manifest in actuality; it seems that History is a circular boring trap, but I think that it seems so because we haven't learned yet how to avoid the same mistakes done in past. Philosophy: no one cares to understand thoughts of far-sighted people that changed History and the world, human mind and mankind soul. Music and Poetry: these awesome expressions of spirit they allow our emotions to talk.
Where is art in this age? I find it in websites like this, where works are made by passion and shared free with other lovers. Here on the Internet I've seen people becoming passionated to drawing, to music composition, to writing and to other modern arts!
But I'd better stop talking about it, it's a fur presentation this, isn't it? ^w^
So that's me, Crowfox, a dark winged red fox, addicted to beauty and love. Indeed for no other reason I define myself an aesthete, a lover of beauty. Of course I don't claim to know what loveliness is (I hope that no one here pretends to know it), I'm a simple researcher of an inspiration, a man who coincides with my ideas. Furry arts depicts very well what I mean for human bestiality, referring to loss of control by the folly of instincts. Folly? Don't confuse with madness (pathological insanity). Folly is a free state of mind, when thoughts are flowing as they are, with no censorship of the reason. Reason and instinct. So distant, so linked! I'm a lover of knowledge who aspires to wisdom. I'm a lover of humanity who aspires to dehumanize all the false certainties! Since men believe to be humans without doing anything that is not living superficially (satisfying the lower needs). Socrates only is my master. He who knew to not know! He who was the most sapient, the most virtuous, the most honest! His work must be continued.
Do you think I'll say something about me? You're wrong. I'm taking advantage of this space to let you think a little or to let you have fun about this. I don't know who is madder to laugh about thinking or to live while thinking. We'll see this during the lifetime.
Personally I live better since I discovered Philosophy.

If you want to know me, to know my hidden pleasures, contact me without hesitation! :3
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