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Previously known as Princessbunnymuffin.
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Brandy And Mr Whiskers Forever by CrazyPinkiePie
Brandy And Mr Whiskers Forever
hi everyone
I really have to say sorry again to that one person who asked a request, I promise you I haven't forgotten you, I will get to it, My dad was diagnosed with cancer so things have been slightly weird at...
5 years ago
I have to make an apology
one person has asked me for a request so far, which I haven't even gotten to yet, I'm so sorry. I promise I haven't forgotten you, and you will get it I assure you. Maybe it might only be in May, I ne...
5 years, 3 months ago
I will be offline for 2 weeks
I just hope my brother says NO to coming with us to the coast, he is a pain, but then again older siblings can be that way ya know. I'm not going to get into all the crap he causes, cause it's kind o...
5 years, 4 months ago
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Some Boys Have All The Luck by CrazyPinkiePie
Some Boys Have All The Luck
Brandy And Mr Whiskers Forever by CrazyPinkiePie
Brandy And Mr Whiskers Forever
Twilight Sparkle with background by CrazyPinkiePie
Twilight Sparkle with backgrou...
Rarity redone by CrazyPinkiePie
Rarity redone
Rarity by CrazyPinkiePie
main six pony group by CrazyPinkiePie
main six pony group
Apple Jack by CrazyPinkiePie
Apple Jack
Twilight Sparkle by CrazyPinkiePie
Twilight Sparkle
Pinkie The Party Pony by CrazyPinkiePie
Pinkie The Party Pony
Fluttershy by CrazyPinkiePie
Twilight Sparkle by CrazyPinkiePie
Twilight Sparkle
PinkiePie by CrazyPinkiePie
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With Love by WolfLady
With Love
by WolfLady
Fluttershy meets Fluttershy by Liscobe
Fluttershy meets Fluttershy
by Liscobe
Rarity Kissing Celestia's Hooves - DA request by Liscobe
Rarity Kissing Celestia's Hoov...
by Liscobe
[Commission] Meeting by vavacung
[Commission] Meeting
by vavacung
Commission: Brandy by BrotherOrin
Commission: Brandy
Apple Sunset by Alaskafox
Apple Sunset
by Alaskafox
Applejack's pet, Winona by SilverSimba01
Applejack's pet, Winona
Pinkie Pie Balloon by Alilali
Pinkie Pie Balloon
by Alilali
Letting Her Hair Down by stillfire
Letting Her Hair Down
by stillfire
Happiness lies in simple things by Nekome
Happiness lies in simple thing...
by Nekome
Cotton Melody by AnibarutheCat
Cotton Melody
Crusader’s Valentines by atryl
Crusader’s Valentines
by atryl
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hi I'm CrazyPinkiePie but you can call me whatever you like. Welcome to my homepage, I love drawing reading and writing. I may not be the best of artists in the world, but I draw because it's my favorite past time and hobby. I more prefer the yerf side of furry art, clean stuff only. I might or won't do any of these:

*Sex(very mild) visible testicles penis's open Vagina's Pubic Hair and nippels, must not be present

*Yaoi and Yuri(No sorry I won't do it)


* Vore(nothing relating to the topic)

* Scat, WaterSports, tit ***king(No)

* Herm, FemBoy, CuntBoy(nothing relating to the topic, No weird fetishes of any sorts)  

*  Porn(only artistis nudity mild only)    

*Extreme Violence(Mild is okay though same applies for blood)

*Death is fine( but nothing disgusting)
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Fur Affinity
5 years, 4 months ago
thanks for the watch ;D
5 years, 5 months ago
thanks for the fav
5 years, 5 months ago
thanks for the fave ^^
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