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Cranky Cacophonies Title Card by CrankyCacophony
Cranky Cacophonies Title Card
Midterm on the way!
This is so exciting! Well to me that is. But also at the same time, as it applies to every student, a nerve wrecker LOL. Nevertheless, though I should keep on with the tradition of studying, I pretty ...
16 hrs, 53 mins ago
Still fighting my depression/guilt
Gonna keep fighting my own battles and therefore to get even morally as well as financially (since my existence on DeviantArt). Will bash many temptations, is still awaiting the Help&FAQ to be finishe...
20 hrs, 14 mins ago
Testing a Link... watch while you can
Hi everybody, I am just testing out a link.  If you can see that it works then stop by there to see a video of my progress on tonight's Inktober challenge doodle right here ( https://m.facebook.com/...
3 days, 10 hrs ago
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Cho in Brilliant Drama by CrankyCacophony
Cho in Brilliant Drama
The Right Vantage Point (WIP) by CrankyCacophony
The Right Vantage Point (WIP)
Cimabue Flight by Night by CrankyCacophony
Cimabue Flight by Night
Expressive Animalia by CrankyCacophony
Expressive Animalia
Pfraeyp Improv Redo by CrankyCacophony
Pfraeyp Improv Redo
Quickie for Molikh by CrankyCacophony
Quickie for Molikh
Kit-T Yoga by CrankyCacophony
Kit-T Yoga
Ant Bear in Light and Mint by CrankyCacophony
Ant Bear in Light and Mint
Pianto da Loris, Ph.D by CrankyCacophony
Pianto da Loris, Ph.D
Multiple Feline Views by CrankyCacophony
Multiple Feline Views
Deer Reversible Space Test by CrankyCacophony
Deer Reversible Space Test
Futuristic Flight by CrankyCacophony
Futuristic Flight
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The Magic of my Colour by RukiFox
The Magic of my Colour
by RukiFox
I'm NOT thankful. by Harurin
I'm NOT thankful.
by Harurin
Cat in the hat wishes by Nikonah
Cat in the hat wishes
by Nikonah
Eat it by BastiTheRat
Eat it
Bobby Bunny by FurCollector
Bobby Bunny
Why is so hard ? by Soulyagami64
Why is so hard ?
Art Block by NB
Art Block
by NB
Moki by Moki93014
by Moki93014
Pale Moi Pere by Tristen
Pale Moi Pere
by Tristen
Weasel in Pencil by PepperNivalis
Weasel in Pencil
Happy Sunshine Time 1 by BastiTheRat
Happy Sunshine Time 1
*C*_Attaaaack! by Fuf
by Fuf
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Resurrected from the hellspawn realm of sexual hegemony. I may be coming back in this new form.
Many new upcomin' crazy artworks I will call a Cranky Cacophony (Cranky Cacophonies, in plural form), and will have a signature "A Cranky Cacophony/ies (sketch, drawing, painting, etc)".
My character Dheann serves as my savior against temptation to execute dominatingly viewable subject matter if the average of submission exceeds my moral standards.
The Cranky Cacophonies will feature subject matter that features rarely or not any sexual content (or dominatingly viewable content that focuses on fetishism) whatsoever (that I would label Partisanisie). Instead here shall be summoned extraordinary as the draftsmanship level is yet in the amateur level, in which subject matter in focus so far to this point will contain the following: gore; snuff; contraceptive themes; death; some serving a political statement; several polemical; and whatever else coming to mind.
Accompanying them will be summoned hopefull reference sheets, technical drawings, art technique focus compositions, or just fine art beauty ^^.  As far as my skill level, I'm training vigorously through (and will post), many many many sketches and medium techniques. The aforementioned I will label the Krafzmacher, the Minority, the underrated, the popularly denouncable, the often submissive to aestetical rejections, perhaps...
I do tradtional and digital, but I prefer to do Trad.
I do NOT accept commissions, specifically of the dominating subject matter as mentioned above. If I get a PM concerning that, I shall give the update on a journal. I do wish to offer gifts to whom I personally follow for their work, whether (mostly) artwork, stories, characters, or any premise so long as they serve or possess a paradigm.
I do not own a PayPal® or a Patreon® account, nor do I wish to create either of them. About half of my artwork may be appealing, but there's a chance that I may be pursued or subject without my notice to execute a "mature" theme. It messed me up good.
There are several viewers that I remember dearly when I was as another username, I hope they forgive me... I hope we're still friends.
There are some awesome artists at this point that I highly praise, some I already know, and there are still out there that I can give my watch. I don't mind watching for every adult content; creating such content is different, for I am yet morally and creatively off balance. I was whom to call to drew sexual content before, like constantly... Anyway, for what this account is mainly artwork loosely based on what goes on my mind.
I totally welcome critiques! I could use some for my artwork, because they can help me.
For upcoming artwork, I document it carefully and provide explanatory notes if necessary, and probably I can write an essay. Speaking of which, maybe I can write an essay or two at least about artwork or artists I find intriguing. This could be my thing.
I, concerning my behavior, may be spontaneous, but I have judgment.
Though concerning my artwork, they shall convey objective (sociological, or psychological) overtones. I am self-restrictive as to hopefully not exceed tolerance levels. Oh yeah just like every art community web site. Haha!  I don't mind even being heckled or given harsh criticism upon my artwork in terms of its incorporation of art elements or principles, or if it you simply don't like because it's not what you expect to see, but in case I do draw that effect (even unintentionally), I will ensure to prevent that for the better of the future.
I am CrankyCacophony, you can call me Cranky, CC, Crank, Cray, Cake, Cacophonic, CKCCPN, or whatever I suggest that comes to mind.
This profile is seemingly sketchy to this point. May provide changes.
Still making some changes.
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Fur Affinity
3 months ago
thanks for the watch! ^^
3 months, 1 week ago
Thanks for the fav! 😊
3 months, 1 week ago
Thanks very much for the favorite! ^.^

Pick up a copy of the book if you can! ^.^
4 months, 1 week ago
And I am preparing more.

4 months, 1 week ago
Thank you for visit my gallery.

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