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Incoming! by Coracroma
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Incoming! by Coracroma
Mine by Coracroma
Rokemi Commission #1 by Coracroma
Rokemi Commission #1
3T Portrait Commission by Coracroma
3T Portrait Commission
Synthy Bust by Coracroma
Synthy Bust
Helloooo? Somebody home? by Coracroma
Helloooo? Somebody home?
Halloween by Coracroma
Darkomi Commission by Coracroma
Darkomi Commission
Sukebepanda Commission by Coracroma
Sukebepanda Commission
Redbeanviolin Commission by Coracroma
Redbeanviolin Commission
Sequel by Coracroma
The Dark Throne by Coracroma
The Dark Throne
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Hello all! Since FA has been acting up lately and I got a little worried about the pictures I commissioned I actually thought I'd give this site a try as well :D

And now please brace yourselves for the incoming onslaught of copy paste stuff from my FA profile :

I am a 23 years old girl/woman (I am NOT attractive and NOT very nice to people who contact me just because of my gender *glares at ICQ spam filter*), born and living in Germany but with quite the few realtives living in the USA back then ( I think only one remains at the moment and to be honest... he's a douchebag... so I'm quite happy for the loss of contact there.) and from this I inherited the sometimes quite irritating quirk to speak and/or write english as good as possible despite my shortcoming of not actually having it as my first language. So if I phrase anything incorrectly and so on... feel free to give constructive criticism.

I DO draw but am not very fond of my own skills... so if I were ever to upload some of my own artwork you will find it in scraps at best. Everything that will be uploaded in my gallery itself WILL BE COMMISSIONED FROM OTHER PEOPLE. So I don't claim any work at the pictures themself.

Usually I am quite shy when it comes to contact with other people but once a relationship is established I tend to become quite bubbly, talkative, overprotective, clingy and so on. Please keep that in mind if you are interested in a conversation.

I am currently in a real life relationship (nothing internet based honest! I could punch him right now ... there! I did ! Look at what you made me do! ;3) and quite happy, with the occasional ups and downs.

My other interests lie in quality art, turn based rpg's and strategy games, reading and as one might have guessed now... talking and roleplay (just don't pester me into games... I really dislike that).On that note since it has come up multiple times back on FA : With "roleplay" I a was actually referring to pen and paper style games!

 There are also other things that interest me as well such as shrinking, growth, size differences what can I say...I didn't choose to like this but I stand with it, proudly actually.

If you want to know anything more about me or any of my characters (which I hold very dear to me most of the time) just feel free to ask, I won't bite!... often ...

And wow... I just noticed I set up this account over two years ago just to look at the profile of one artist... time sure flies!
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3 years, 3 months ago
I just love your fursona! It's very particular and beautiful! <3
3 years, 9 months ago
Even thought this is late, hello and welcome to InkBunny.
4 years, 7 months ago
>^.^< your very welcome
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