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Gender: Female

Age: 16

Birthday: April 1st

Weight: 130 lbs

Height: approx. 5'3"

Blood Type: O (I finally got to donate blood and learned this! Woot!)

Sexuality: Looks and gender don't really matter to me when it comes to attractions. (True Love, bro)

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Color: White (kinda pale-ish)

Language(s): I speak primarily English, although I somewhat know Russian and German as well (but not super fluently).


- I am a huge fan of the show 'Superjail', and take great pride in my knowledge of not only the characters, but of the voice actors themselves. I adore Christy Karacas, Stephen Warbrick, and Ben Gruber for everything that they do (not to mention the excellent voice acting of Richard Mathar) and hope to see episodes of 'Superjail' for years to come!!

- I am a (female!) 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' follower/brony who enjoys not only the show, but the fan-fictions that come with it!! My favorite characters in 'MLP: FiM' are probably DJ Pon3 and Octavia, because shut up, and I completely adore the 'opposites attract' pairing concept: 'Rainbowdash x Fluttershy', 'Applejack x Rarity' etc... although I'm pretty cool with any cute pairing that the Interwebz can sum up. Love and tolerance, right?

- I love reading, writing, and conjuring up art through any alternative media (though I generally prefer drawing); however I hold a much higher respect bar for artists who do things from the heart, rather than to simply comply with the ever-changing desire of the masses. I also positively adore the cinema, and my favorite genre is, and always will be, Horror; although Animation falls in at a close second. The older and more nostalgic the movie, the more I likely know about it, and some of the movies that mean the most to me are: 'Friday the 13th', 'Halloween', 'Nightmare on Elm Street', 'The Thing', 'Dawn of the Dead', 'To Kill A Mockingbird', 'Osmosis Jones', 'The Iron Giant', 'Of Mice and Men', 'The Lovely Bones', 'Mirrormask', 'Jurassic Park', 'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective', 'Ink', etc... I can never quite get enough of these films, no matter how much time has passed. I am also quite content with reading manga/graphic novels/webcomics ['Romantically Apocalyptic': It's legendary.] and watching anime, and the anime I enjoy the most are: 'Hellsing', 'No.6', 'Dead Man Wonderland', 'HOTD', 'Samurai Shamploo', and 'Afro Samurai'... TV is nice too, though I don't watch it too often anymore; most of my coveted childhood shows have long since left the air, and the media of today's generation often makes no sense to me; however, every once in a while, a real gem may rise from the ashes. The shows of today that I happen to enjoy, or the media of nostalgia from generations past, include: 'Superjail', 'The Walking Dead', 'American Horror Story', 'Samurai Jack', 'MLP:FiM', 'Face Off', 'The Munsters', 'Xiaolin Showdown', 'Batman Beyond', 'Twilight Zone', 'Cha$e', 'Heroes', 'The Maxx', etc... (Ah, the good ol' days... How I miss them.)

- I am an absolute gamer, plain and simple, and I'd sooner slice off both ears than give up on a game I'm dedicated to (though I may frequently break from a game, so as to further prolong it's value). In terms of genre, I play mostly survival horror (especially games that involve zombies or mutants), and my favorite games are all for the Xbox/ Xbox 360. They consist of: 'Resident Evil', 'Left 4 Dead', 'Saints Row 2/3', 'Borderlands', 'Psychonauts' (all the boners for this game), 'Prototype', 'Dead Rising', 'Shadows of the Damned' (silly game), 'Dead Space' and so on... My Dad isn't very fond of video games, but even he possesses a secret favorite: 'LA Noir'. He and I love playing that one together and, so far, we've owned every interview that has come our way!!


- People who critique another individual's work based on biast viewpoints, rather than the context/content of the writing itself. Seriously people, just because you don't like a certain pairing doesn't mean that the whole writing piece is a complete disaster.

- Individuals who simply refuse the idea of AUs, OCs, OOCPs (out of canon pairings), and/or anything that happens to an actual character that would likely never happen in the show/book (i.e: Marriages, deaths, pregnancies, sex, etc...). Forget that noise; all unique ideas deserve to be written!!

- People who take silly things like card games way too seriously. Dude, I got a Royal Flush and didn't cheat; it's not the apocalypse.

- Individuals who wear shirts that advertise nonsense on them, as well as individuals who wear those ridiculous 'Haters Gonna Hate' or 'I Love Haters' clothing articles. If you don't care what people think of you, stop advertising it for attention; that's nonsense!

- I'm not very fond of individuals my age, or possibly under (Celestia forbid), who feel the need to show-off their own underage drinking or drug use. Granted, I do have a few friends (my age) who occasionally smoke pot, or drink, and that's alright with me. I simply choose not to; however, those kids who walk around flaunting their evident drug usage really, truly bother me. If you're going to try weed or alcohol at a young age, I personally believe that you should have the mental capacity to do it responsibly, or even in the very comfort of your own home. Our brains may not reach developmental completion until around the age of 25, but that doesn't mean that rational decisions cannot be made before hand..! That being said, I also positively loathe those people who make the decision not to do drugs, but then decide to flaunt that as well, using that whole '98% Of Teens Have Tried Drugs' nonsense to make themselves feel special. Our US Government has already done studies to show that only around 35-40% of the teenage population has actually tried or done drugs. Accordingly, you are not that spectacular for flashing the (possible) fact that you haven't done drugs in your profile. In fact, you are actually quite normal, by our government's standards, so please shut up... If you really haven't done or tried drugs, please remain silent in your satisfaction, and know that I respect you for it; the most that you can do now is try and insure that your friends make wise decisions themselves, but don't hackle them; allow your friends to make their own decisions, and simply be there for them if and/or when things grow out of hand. Everyone needs a shoulder to fall back on, after all.

- Breaking a bone often sucks. But breaking a bone, getting a cast, and then having an itch under that cast with NO wire hanger in sight! Now THAT kills. And yes, it's happened to me, and it's awful.

- I hate the Drifters in 'Borderlands'..! You know, those really tall mo-fo's in the DLC for 'The Secret Armory of General Knoxx'? I can be over seven levels higher than one and STILL die, how does THAT work!? (Also, guys, solo-ing Crawmerax is NOT that difficult, so please stop saying that it is. You simply need to insure that you are as high a level as you can get, level 61, while also taking the time to obtain the proper equipment necessary for facing such a worthy foe... and don't get hit off the cliff.)

Favorite Color(s): 'Rainbow Sparkly' is a color or, rather, series of colors (as I see it now) that I used to enjoy as a child, and still find myself enjoying today; although, nowadays, I find that there isn't really one color that I dislike. Truthfully, I'm just grateful that we even have colors to enjoy, so I'm not going to bother with chosing one that I hate.

Taste in Music: Music is something that I simply cannot do without, and I absolutely adore nearly every genre out there; my favorite artist collection consists of: 'ASP', 'Daft Punk', 'Sonny Moore' (aka. 'Skrillex'), 'Deadmau5', 'DANGER', 'Aviators', 'Simon and Garfunkel', 'The Cure', 'Rise Against', 'The Beastie Boys', 'Saliva', '30 Seconds to Mars', 'Florence and the Machine', 'The Asteriods', and many, many more... As I like to say: "It's always Sonny in Skrilladelphia. The Punks are always Daft. And the Mau5 is always Dead."
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