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What I want most of all is a lover;
No-one but her can quite compare to me:
Audaciously curvaceous, much fatter
Than all others: the goddess of beauty.

So, yeah...I'm Kissy Sanguine, I live in Texas, and I'm looking for someone special to share my life with. I've got the most intense weight gain and fat furry fetish, which is good, because I'm one of them.

I do STORIES, ART, REQUESTS, TRADES, POETRY, and SKETCHES. Expect no shortage of submissions from me; I don't plan on leaving Weasyl or Inkbunny anywhere in the future!

If you want me to make you something with weight gain, expansion, furries, or anything at all related to furries and weight gain, then PLEASE JUST ASK! I will be MORE than happy to do it, because I love you, the things you can do, and all the rest of the world!!

It's erratic to say the very least. But don't expect me to stop submitting at any time in the future. I take pictures of my works with my phone. I can't upload text PDFs with my iPhone though, so my story and poetry submissions are technically categorized under "Visual."

God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, Steven Universe, Dragonesses, Fat Furs, No Man's Sky, Poetry, Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots, Third Day, Romance, WEIGHT GAIN, EXPANSION OF BUTT/BREAST/BELLY/WITH FAT, FORCE FEEDING, LOVE, church, art class, creative writing, my parents, my siblings, days of ENDLESS RAIN!!! (I love it when it rains!!!!!)

Clear skies, ignorance, indifference, feeling hopeless, not being super energetic and bouncy and bubbly and cute and enthusiastic at all times, having a preference between Star Wars and Star Trek, not being good enough, not having Cherry Coke or deep-fried brownies, not having someone I can call "Angel" and who calls me "Cutie" who admires me and loves me just as much as I love them

P.S.: I've constantly got this bottomless, continually frothing and quivering mass of passion bubbling inside me that I'm sure anybody would love. I don't want it to go to waste. I love love, which makes my love grow even more for anyone who loves me back.

Hugs and Kisses,
~Kissy Sanguine
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