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Hi all!

I'm a carefree, species-fluid cub who loves helping others discover themselves, be themselves, and experience the wonders life has to offer.

I've recently taken up drawing (for others), and pretty much everything about Inkbunny tells me this is the place to be, so here I am. I'm planning to take commissions as well as offer some original drawings.

What I love to draw:
- diapers
\ cubs
| nature / the outdoors
/ fully candid and natural poses, expressions, interactions, et cetera
- technology, especially computers and electronics
\ generally any drawings from highly- or extremely-detailed descriptions and/or references
| many sexual situations and fetishes (see exclusions below)
/ scenery and backgrounds
- multiple characters observing or interacting with each other (vs simply being in the same drawing together, although that's fine too) (Examples to follow with permission or when I draw something applicable)
\ I particularly like drawing things that are uncommon or simply haven't been done before
| and on that note, combining two or more items, characters, settings, et cetera that are not often seen or used together
/ taboo - ooh I love taboo

What I'm fine with / willing to draw:
- This one's easy, anything not covered by one of the other qualifier sections :)

What I don't care to draw - but might for the right mood, scene, and/or price, et cetera:
- violence
\ mild blood - e.g., scrapes, bumps, and other accidents
| commercial copyright characters, e.g., Sonic the hedgehog (this does not include significantly original fan characters. I love drawing those!)
/ sad themes - however, if it's a multi-part drawing where the situation turns around afterward, that's completely different and it's on the love drawing list instead

What I won't draw: (this section is probably quite detailed and graphic, so if you'd rather not even read it just skip it and use your best judgement based on the other sections)
- extreme physical, emotional, or social violence
\ degradation (as opposed to humiliation and embarrassment, which are just fine)
| blood (except menstruation - especially a character's first, where that can be made obvious)
/ gore
- death, including zombies and other "undead" as well as necrophilia
/ drug use, including marijuana, cigarettes, nicotine, alcohol...

And remember, if you don't ask the answer is automatically no. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. These are only guidelines, so if something you want seems questionable it's worth actually asking the question I don't judge people, and the farthest I judge a request is whether I'm willing to draw it or not. Also, getting a no once doesn't automatically mean you aren't allowed to modify your request or ask for something entirely different. So don't be shy, I'm friendly. :)

About using my characters, reposting my art, or creating derivative works:
- (it's probably okay but) ask and get permission first, each time
\ give proper credit
| link back to the original, for reposts and derivatives
/ preferably, give me access to the full final version even if it was commissioned by someone else (or a digitised version if the work is in a non-digital medium), notifying me where to find it, or directly send me a copy if it's not publicly posted (e.g., only available to commissioner/yourself)
- And finally, have fun. This section is intended to be permissive, not restrictive :)

I don't yet have a price for commissions, but if you're eager we can negotiate something. :)
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