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10 USD Full Bodys by CherishArts
10 USD Full Bodys
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10 USD Full Bodys by CherishArts
10 USD Full Bodys
Inktober Slots 40 USD Each by CherishArts
Inktober Slots 40 USD Each
Commission by CherishArts
By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

I take Paypal only! All payment must be in USD, The commission will not be started until the payment is received.
You will get an Invoice from me for the price agreed on, You must accept, before I start my work.

-you agree that you are 18 years of age or older, or of legal age in your country to purchase and view adult / mature content!
If I find out otherwise you will be Banned From Commission's from me, For life!

- I have the right to upload my art work to my gallery(s) if I chose too. This is my art, after all.

-I reserve the right to refuse/refund a commission for any reason.

-I will NOT draw copyrighted character(s). (Disney. Pixar. Marvel. Ect.)

-I will NOT draw in another artists style. Ever!

- if you are commissioning me for a gift for someone else. you MUST have permission from the owner/creator of the character. No expetions.

-I will usually work on the first to last commission slots. but sometimes I complete the easy ones first. I can't always work on one commission at a time. If I notice disruptive behavior during my commission progress, such as, spamming my site page, frequent sent notes, and other rude Gestures,(such as offensive language directed at me.) I will have no other choice but to cancel your slot and refund you HALF of the price. remember, other Clients are commissioning me, there for, you are wasting their time and money. Failure to comply with these rules will have you blacklisted.

Below is what I'm NOT comfortable drawing:

-Scat/water sports
-cub porn
- Human/Transformations etc.

All other fetishes/themes are at MY discretion
If you're not sure, PLEASE ASK via note/pm. Not publicly

Commission Process:

- After a slot is paid for, the purchaser is expected to send any reference material or written descriptions for me to work with. Model or pose references, character sheets, etc.
- Commission edits are done during the sketch phase. I will send a sketch for the commissioner's approval. (so if the sketch looks to clean or messy it will be fixed during the ink stage.) Any later changes after the approval is made will result in a 10$ fee.
5$ USD Will be kept after sketch's are sent in event of a refund.
- once you receive the sketch from me it is expected of the commissioner to fully analyzed the picture to make sure I have everything right.
- after that I start to ink and color. (note, I do not ink all markings I color them!.)
- If I make a mistake or forget to clean up certain areas. Fixed free of charge.
- Certain commissions (including complicated designs, reference sheets, sketch pages, comic projects, or 2 character pictures) take longer to finish than "normal".
-if the open journal says the arts in question are "artistic freedom" you may suggest ideas/changes
But they will be made at MY discretion.

Re-posting my Art:

All commissioned art is allowed to be re-posted and used for personal use by the commissioner. You must give me proper credit when re-posting my art to any site such as, a link back to my Furaffinity.

Refund Policy:
Sorry, I do not give refund's. The one exception to this is if I drop your Commission, You will be refunded in full. With the exception of the 5$ Loose sketch Fee.

Late Policy:

If the commission takes more then 3-4 months AFTER I've told you I have started your commission/YCH. I will draw the commissioner (You) A free Bust or Icon.

By commissioning me/ sending payment via paypal, you agree to the above terms.

These Terms of Service are subject to change at any time.

If you have any further questions, feel free send me a note!
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