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Name: Cederwyn Whitefurr
Species: Mule Deer (see below)
Age: 23 (see below)
Body Type: Thin (Effeminate)
Hair/Eye Color: None (see below)/Dark brown, almost black
Hair Style: None (see below)

Style: Dresses in a simple light green robe, that starts at the neck and ends at the wrists and ankles. With a White cord belt tied around the waist.

Personality: Cederwyn is a shy and graceful deer-like creature, who is the progeny of a human woman and a feral male Mule Deer.  His mother was cursed, and he is the result of a vengeful nature Goddess who took offense at what his mother had done to one of the Goddesses children.  He is shy, easily upset and prone to cry at almost the drop of a hat, being highly emotional and particularly sensitive to those making fun of his 'mixed' heritage. He is actually older than he appears to be, acting with an innocense and almost child-like wonder at most things - actions frequently impulsive and not-thought-out.  He does not trust many people - even fewer, know of his dark history - which he keeps buried inside, afraid of it, and not wanting to be reminded.  Although in some regards, he acts child-like and such, he can, when the need arises, be more mature and responsible, but prefers his sweet, gentle nature to shine through - and is more than willing to give anyone a cuddle and a lick on the cheek.

  Appearance:  He stands six feet two inches tall, and weighs about one hundred and seventy five pounds in weight.  He stands digigrade on a pair of cloven black hooves  He keeps his long ears swept back, hanging limply at the back of his neck, and their black tips glimmer softly in the light. His eyes are almost black, in reality, just a really dark brown.  His gaze is often haunted, with a distinctive sad appearance. This is due to his guilt of what he is.  He has no human-like hair, taking after his feral sire in many ways, primarily his fur; which was once a beautiful white, with a dazzling black blaze from forehead to nose, black ear tips, 'gloves' that come almost to his wrists, and black socks on his shins, almost to his ankles.  Now, his fur is more silvery-grey in colour, the black of his blaze, gloves and socks a more light charcoal, than black.  Whilst definitely male, Cederwyn was cursed with an effeminate stature, and no antlers.   Cederwyn has no compulsions inhibiting him, and will, once he knows and grows to trust someone - will happily submit to their whims, within reason.  A secret of his past, he keeps hidden, is why he acts so willing to be anothers 'Doe' as it were - prefering to please another in any way he can, and he has fond memories of a few 'close' friends, who claimed that he was...talented...especially with his tongue and muzzle.  He is happiest, when nicely spoken too and asked to do something of a sexual nature, but order him or treat him like a 'pet' and he will burst into tears and cringe, piteously cowering...this is a deeply ingrained, almost instinctual reaction, from when he was a fawn - and is part of his dark, twisted past.

 If you treat Cederwyn with gentleness, compassion and friendship - show him affetion and trust, he is a loyal friend and eager to please - up to a point.  He wears his long robes more for modesty, and shame - as he takes after his father in a sexual way. When, and this is very rare, despite his desires, he can be aroused sexually, his feral like penis is almost identical to a feral mule deer stag.  He is ashamed of this, and prefers not to have to shed his robe, being very self-conscious about his body. He is highly reluctant to be a 'true' buck, as despite countless encounters and training - he can not break his instinctual instincts - and more than one unsuspecting partner has been displeased - or hurt - by his feral lovemaking.  He is deeply ashamed by this, and has tried countless times to control his instincts, but failed every time.

 Sexuality: Bisexual.
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Cederwyn Whitefurr
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4 years, 8 months ago
Dude, pace yourself. Besides flooding out the front page, you're doing yourself a disservice. No one is going to be able to read all this at once. You've got enough here for regular weekly updates for like a year. Give your readers time to digest.
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