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20 - Diesel by ANTIHEROES
20 - Diesel
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20 - Diesel by ANTIHEROES
20 - Diesel
Xander the Pony Prancing by xpanther
Xander the Pony Prancing
by xpanther
Pegasus Commission by CaliginousFox
Pegasus Commission
Commission for Grym and Kamots by corvuspointer
Commission for Grym and Kamots
Seascape by Kirron
by Kirron
Angry dragon by TlaiLaxu
Angry dragon
by TlaiLaxu
Two world, Two warrior. by Shalinka
Two world, Two warrior.
by Shalinka
Sekiei by RyuuSekiei
You Know You Can't Resist Me by JasonWerefox
You Know You Can't Resist Me
Found you by RyuuSekiei
Found you
So, this is my page. And there likely isn't anything about me that you would find terribly interesting. My art is Bleh, my writing tends toward redundancy, my writing tends toward redundancy, and all of my pet goldfish died. About once a year, the urge to draw something arises in me. Kind of like count dracula :) I usually end up stabbing that urge through the heart with a sharpened pencil after being sufficiently frustrated and having had my creative juices drained. I also sometimes get inspired to write, but my writing tends toward redundancy.

I have this weird situation: most muses can't stand being around me. So, kinda like doing dishes, they begrudgingly take turns visiting and I'll be at the mercy of whichever muse happens to be babysitting me at the time. As a result, sometimes I can draw, using traditional pencil and paper (maybe someday I'll get a good tablet D:), sometimes I can write stories, sometimes I can write songs, sometimes I can write music, and every once in a while one of my muses will get intoxicated on a sugar high and I'll do something really weird. Unfortunately, the philosophy muse is the exception to my rotation of muse-nannies. Very like a doting aunt, she follows me around everywhere in a never-ending filibuster, constantly whispering long-winded lectures into my ear. Thus it's very easy to drag me into discussion on any topic it's possible to windbag on >.> There are many times I'd like one of the other muses, but I think she bought them all summer-homes in the Bahamas, and thus are usually nowhere to be found.

--Note-- To her credit, my writing muse is currently with me. Please help me find a method of restraining her so that I can actually finish my latest project. :D

Other than that, I love (spicy) Italian subs from subway. I also love barber shops where they use a vacuum on your head (wonderful feeling, really). I hate jellyfish, and seaweed that feels like jellyfish, and the crabs that hide underneath the seaweed to pinch your toes (I've had unpleasant experiences with all three). When I can, I enjoy drawing, writing, composing, programming (in a limited number of languages), plunking around SL, prodding FA once in a while, walks in the park, lazing on the beach (I lurve beaches), swimming, fencing (the kind with metal pointy sticks), cuddles in loving embraces, and . . . I shut up now.

Anything other than that you need to know? Hmm. I'm a TomBoi. If you want to know what that is, you can figure it out for yourself ;P

There's a very good reason the Windows XP abbreviation looks like an emoticon. XP
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7 years, 7 months ago
Thank you for watching =)
7 years, 9 months ago
thankies fur the fave!
8 years, 6 months ago
hehe thanks for the watch ^_^ im glad you like our equine i would add the s but we only have one so far hehe =3 my partner has been doing art for a while but like i said we are still quite new to the furry scene and glad to spread the love =D
8 years, 6 months ago
thank you for the fav buddy it is apperciated =3
8 years, 8 months ago
Thanks x3 Anyway, here is just for full resolution pics from FA. Probably this account will be practically unactive. Cya ^_^
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