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Love the Otter. DO IT. by Breck
Love the Otter. DO IT.
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Love the Otter. DO IT. by Breck
Love the Otter. DO IT.
That's just like, your opinion, Xee by Breck
That's just like, your opinion...
Finished Single- Tsatske the Demon Kitten by Breck
Finished Single- Tsatske the D...
Tentacles are better than clothing by Breck
Tentacles are better than clot...
Breck the Penguin by Breck
Breck the Penguin
Spread your wings and FLY! by Breck
Spread your wings and FLY!
Character Pic- Marine by Breck
Character Pic- Marine
Tee Many Martoonis *hic* by Breck
Tee Many Martoonis *hic*
WIP - Jiru the Aquavix by Breck
WIP - Jiru the Aquavix
The Letter Xee by Breck
The Letter Xee
Off to School by Breck
Off to School
Well that's not normal... by Breck
Well that's not normal...
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My name is Breck, and I started drawing in January of this year.
I moved to this site as I believe it's more in line with what I like.

All my previous work over the years has been in 3D modelling, but I don't want to put up more than a few select few of those..

I'm drawing daily, marking my progress, and learning as I go.

I've sworn two things to myself, that were wise advice-

1. Don't draw porn until you're actually able to draw anatomy. Nothing is more sludge-like than sloppy porn.
2. Trades are fun, No Tips. No Payments. No Commissions. People asking for money for sub-par art always makes me tilt my head.

So we'll see how I progress! This was something of a New Years Resolution to learn to draw. I have to resist the temptation to delete EVERY submission as I immediately hate everything I draw.
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