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Ceraph 'The Blue Fiend' Karion

Age: 23
Height: 7'2
Weight: 240 lb
Eye Color: red
Scale Color: Deep blue with tan torso
Clothes: Usually shirtless, wears camoflauge trousers and boots
Personalty: Quiet most of the time, he sees and knows much but says little, he only becomes aggressive when any of three things is bothers, family (includes freinds), food, and his sleep.
Additional Characteristics: Tends to collect odds and ends and learn unusual facs and methods of doing things so that, should it ever be needed, he would be able to perfrom. One the same priciple is his desire to try everything at least once.
Sexuality: An orgasm is an orgasm. Be it with a herm, male female or whatever the case may be. He's single as can be and doesn't mind, he's open to any kind of experience.


Hey there everyone! I joined IB to share my talents, enjoy those of others, meet like-minded individuals.I specialize in providing 'supporting documents' to story telling, in other words, I draw maps and things like that for authors to help their readers understand and follow their wonderful literary masterpieces. And that's what I enjoy so much about this site is that there is such a huge range of talent and content on so many different levels that every commission is different. As a matter of professionalism I make it a point to read the stories or brows through the galleries of those whom I am creating things for.

-I'm a jack of all trades, I write, draw, paint (watercolors mostly), and build things. I can't do anything with music, no one in my family can carry a tune in a  bucket, but we can all draw.

-I dislike conflict so much that I've taught myself and learned through trial and error conflict resolution and I tend to try to work towards win-win situations, I'm a bit of a philanthropists because of it.

-I love meeting new people, so please drop me a PM, send me an email, suggest a good story or tell me how the weather is where you're at, I'd love to hear from ya!
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