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Blitz by BlooSnoot
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Blitz by BlooSnoot
Some fun? by BlooSnoot
Some fun?
Old heart recording by BlooSnoot
Old heart recording
The fire in my heart by BlooSnoot
The fire in my heart
Feeding Tube by BlooSnoot
Feeding Tube
I'll go ahead by BlooSnoot
I'll go ahead
Struggling by BlooSnoot
Dragon Friend by BlooSnoot
Dragon Friend
Bright smile Bright heart by BlooSnoot
Bright smile Bright heart
Nervous State of Undress by BlooSnoot
Nervous State of Undress
Not today by BlooSnoot
Not today
It's vore (finished) by BlooSnoot
It's vore (finished)
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Umm well hi
Not really sure how I should introduce myself, but my name is Bloo and I'm just a demon-dog who's here to enjoy things. I am both an sfw and nsfw artist and so my content can be pretty varried. One moment I'm posting my latest cute pokemon oc and the next I'm voreing someone while nude. Basically my content will be all over the place so don't expect me to keep any one consistent theme.

I'm a huge cardiophile and voraphile so hearts and stummy's galore!
I also love vivisection and any sort of medical themes. Some delicious gore is always welcome too. Infact I'm more of a dark cardiophile which is a heart lover who is into more...
"extremes". So while I like the heartbeats, steths, and snuggles what I really enjoy is seeing people get their hearts removed. Yep. I'm fucked up and shameless. Ok maybe a little shame. Or more like slight embarrassment at the fact that I don't like normal things.
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1 week, 6 days ago
You're very welcome~!  💜
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