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TDYK - Page 1 by Lando
TDYK - Page 1
First journal
I recently came from FA because i've heard a lot of good things about inkbunny and decided to give it a try.
5 years, 9 months ago
TDYK - Page 1 by Lando
TDYK - Page 1
by Lando
Hug by Lando
by Lando
HTTYD Page 2 by Lando
HTTYD Page 2
by Lando
HTTYD Page 1 by Lando
HTTYD Page 1
by Lando
hi! I am Banessen Hannor , but you can just call me Bane, formerly Jack, I used to be an otter, but have recently switched to being a Gator.
I am a MALE I go by Bane though, my real name is Chris.(no i'm not afraid to give out my real first name)
I love to draw, and play different TCG games like Yu-gi-oh!, Pokemon, WOW, and Magic the Gathering.
I am a HUGGGEEEEEE fan of Digimon, Gabumon is my top fave, tho Guilmon is my other fav (is that an idea for a pic >.>)
I am also a huge fan of Pokemon, my fav pokemon are as follows from "faved" to "still faved but not as much" Squirtle, Snivy, Typhlosion, Ivysuar, Pidgeot, and some others)
I am trying to get into playing airsoft but I don't have too many airsoft rifles, though I'm looking for some, and I am willing to trade art to those that have rilfes, pistols, shotguns, snipers, etc that don't really use them.
I am a very nice person as long as you are, but the moment you do or say something rude or inconsiderate I can turn into a person who will hate you for the rest of your life.
I do love to draw, I consider drawing a part of my life and not just a simple hobby.
I may not be good with art, but I don't care and I work on improving almost constantly.

I am a Artist of both traditional and digital, I am also a fursuiter and a fursuit maker, I am also a digital musician (i make music with programs) along with sculptor and Story writer
I try to keep what I do wide open so I can do many things
I have been told all my life that an artist can and will never survive in the real world.

I do take commissions but check for when I'm open. also PM me for more details.
My prices
I do traditional art but I usually touch it up digitally.
I perfer to stick with drawing ferals as thats what I draw best but I can still draw anthros.

note with commissions, i take paypal but will accept MO (Money Orders)
I take payment up front

I also do NOT work with written ref sheets, if all you have is a written refsheet a extra fee will be included.
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