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Hey Cuties!
I just found out about this place after years of being on DA and FA, and I thought hey, the more furry art the better! Glad to be here. ♥♥♥♥
1 year, 5 months ago
I’ve been drawing adult art as my main job for years now - I do pinups, illustrations, and awesome comic pages! I’d love to work with you ❤️

COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! Commission prices are below!

I do not RP, sorry! Please don’t ask. ❤️

Want to hang out with me?
Patrons get to join my private discord server at $2 and up!❤️

I don’t take requests, but Patrons get to suggest ideas to me! ❤️

Thank you for your support ❤️

All prices are in USD - I accept PayPal only! All prices are for high-resolution digital art ONLY.

Single Character, inked (not colored or shaded): $55 USD
Additional inked characters: + $52/character
Inked characters will be done in black and white, with no shading. Lines will be clean and detailed, but figures must be simple - complex items, vehicles, backgrounds, and complex clothing are not included, and will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. I will include a gradient or color of your choice as background for no extra charge.
Examples: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27701340/
Single Character, inked and shaded: $70
Additional inked characters: + $65/character
Examples: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27910497/

Single figure, inked, fully shaded color: $90 USD
Additional figures, inked and fully shaded color: +$85/character
Full, beautiful color and clean, crisp lines! This is my best work.
Examples: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27135106/ , http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27242332/

Complex backgrounds: $100 USD
Examples: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27287931/ , http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27242332/
Simple backgrounds: $60 USD
Examples: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/25864162/ , http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27232785/

Comic Pages:
NO WIPs or Revisions: $300
WIPs/Reasonable Revisions: $330
Comic pages are complicated, which means they take a lot of time and work! If you want me to take your description and do my best without feedback from you at all, it’ll be $300/page; I won’t do any revisions or make any changes unless I make a mistake based on your original description. Anything you forget to mention, or need me to change after the fact, will be subject to extra charges. If you want to see wips and make changes, the rate is $330/page. Discounts below do apply!

LOVE TO DRAW- 5% off any commission featuring an eligible subject from my "LOVE to draw" list below
PATIENT- +5% off your "Love to Draw" commission if you agree to make the commission exclusive to my Patreon for three months. You'll get a private copy as soon as it's complete, but you agree not to repost or share until it has been shared on my Patreon for those three months.
PATRON - +5% off your "Love to Draw" commission if you are currently one of my $10+ Patrons on Patreon
MY CHARACTERS- +5% off art featuring my characters

ADDITIONAL! I do offer special sales, coupons, and other offers for deeper discounts. Watch for special deals on art slots!

Please note that, although the above discounts may be combined, the maximum discount on any commission order cannot be greater than 20%, and the discount cannot exceed $100. The above discounts can't be applied to or combined with sales or special offers unless specifically stated. Each discount can only be applied once per commission.

Want to know what your price will be after discounts? Check here! https://percentagecalculator.net/

Questions? Ask! ❤️

* Curvy female figures
* Futa
* Sexy monsters
* Stretching/Gaping
* Multiple Penetration
* Gangbang/Group Sex
* Tentacles
* Bondage
* Snuggles!

* Cub/underage characters, even ones who LOOK underage “but they’re eighteen/200 years old wink wink.” I will not draw this in any context.
* Urine/Scat/Vomit/other foulness. However, cum, female ejaculate, and sexual wetness are acceptable.
* Sexualized death, most gore. Some blood is fine, dependent on context- a sexy vampire drinking blood is fine, someone losing a limb or getting stabbed is not.
* Vore
* Birth/Unbirthing
* Prolapses
* Bestiality (natural ferals and natural humans, some fantasy/sci-fi exceptions may be made depending on situation)
* Anything I decide promotes hate (c'mon, y'all, just let me draw my happy porn ❤️)

* By contacting me, viewing my art, or buying art from me, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age. I am not responsible for the actions of any minor posing as an adult, using an adult's payment method, or any orders or communications made by such parties. Any order made by a minor posing as an adult will be cancelled without refund or compensation.
* I ONLY accept PayPal. Commissions must be paid in full in advance to be guaranteed a slot. These commissions will be completed only after full payment is received.
* NO REFUNDS. Once you have paid in full, you will not be able to get any form of refund in whole or part even if you cancel your order. I reserve the right to adjust pricing based on the complexity of your commission request, and will only make changes to a commission in progress or completed commission if I feel I have made a mistake, and/or may charge additional fees to do so if I was not primarily at fault. I reserve the right to withdraw from or cancel and refund these projects at any time. Though orders may be taken at any time, production on orders may not be completed by the estimated date posted and dates may be altered if issues arise.
* I cannot guarantee the time frame involved in completing each project, but I will try to complete projects in a timely fashion before the estimated date. Please note that while I try to do first-come-first-served by default, sometimes projects get finished out of order but not as a general rule.
* If you commission a work where I must create a character from a description, you waive the rights to that intellectual property, its description, and the image I create based on these concepts. Character designs I create become my intellectual property in perpetuity unless the copyrights to that character's visual design pre-exists your contact with me for said commission. If you wish for me to create a character for your personal, public, or business use, you will first be required to come to an agreement or arrangement with me to obtain the license for said character.
* Commissions do NOT include printing rights for mass or small reproduction and/or resale. Please contact me for more details if you wish to negotiate for additional printing rights beyond private personal use.
* By commissioning me, you agree to allow me non-exclusive rights to use any art I make for you in ads, online posts, edits, exclusives, promotional material, and any other media as I see fit in perpetuity including concepts/characters that have been created for you by me and/or your previously created characters/concepts that are your intellectual property.
* If you choose the Patreon discount, you agree to not repost or share the finished art for 3 months while it is available exclusively on my Patreon.
* In the unlikely event that I am rendered incapable of completing your commission due to illness, injury, legal entanglement, death, or other circumstances beyond my control, any remaining unfinished commissions will become void and neither myself nor my next of kin are liable for compensation.
* Discounts and pricing may be adjusted at any time.
* I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any or no reason.
* The above policies and agreements are subject to change and I reserve the right to alter them as necessary.
* If you have any questions, please send me a private note. Thank You.
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