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Cyrax_X Cyrax & Ninjafox Ninjafox90
You two fellas have kept my spirit going through the rought times in October, and I am forever grateful to call you my friends. Here's to it, lasting a lifetime. Cheers! :33

This pal sure knows how to keep someone company whenever they're feeling down! Thanks for being there for me in the time of need, buddy! :33

Ish a cute pancake drake! :33

Mah Dreikahbrotheh! :33

Main (SFW) account (For photography, and other stuff made by me): :iconAxel.v:

Alright! Let's bring it in! About time an NSFW acc was made, after recent events happening that sweeped my submissions and favorites off of the main acc.

FAIR WARNING: This account includes a lot of things! Both clean, adult AND diaper art (Go to Scraps for that BTW)!

ANYWAYS! I'm Axel...the Dino-Alien-....thingy? Fuck it! I dunno. XD
Wanna know stuff about me? Pobably not....but....Imma write some shit down fo ya' below nonetheless! :DD

I am a 20 year old Dane, who has a passion for entertaining people in any way he can, whether it being through music composing, graphic designing, filmmaking (with VFX and shizznit!), photography/other kinds of cinematography, maybe some acting, or voice acting, or perhaps even singing! :)

Slam a note into my inbox if you wanna know more about the certain talents of mine, or if you want to hire me to do stuff, or simply if you need someone to fetch your coffee!

Other than that, when I feel lazy (which is almost all the time) I play lots of video games, if ya' haven't noticed! I may want to take frequent breaks...you know...since I tend to have a hard time controlling my anger if something goes wrong! Word of advice: do NOT play Diablo 3 hardcore on an unstable computer with the risk of hardware failure! XD

But yeah! That is ME! AND ONLY ME!!!!! *ahem*...sorry...did I mention my lack of anger controll?

Hope we can become great friends, so that I won't be adding another one on my list of people whose very essencE of theMsELves I DEvouR wITh My deATHstare, lEAVIng THEIr BODY A MERE EMPTY SHELL OF WHAT THEY ONCE WERE!!!! MUUUUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Sorry once again...I did NOT mention the demon that lives inside me. <.< I better cut the feed here!

Bye guys! :33


Did I seriously pretend that this was a transmission? God when do I stop sucking at joking around?...
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