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Animator Pals Small Stories - Animator Igor's Particular Freedom by AnimatorIgorArtz
Animator Pals Small Stories - Animator Igor's Part...
Art Hiatus
i'm on art hiatus right now cuz i'm studying to get my future job
2 weeks ago
Finnaly first dose of the vaccine
now i'll wait until 17th of December, which means i'll get the second dose
1 month ago
i'll be vaccinated tomorrow (saturday 18th of september)
tomorrow i'll be vaccinated against covid, i'll get the first dose of the vaccine i hope i'll be fully vaccinated
1 month ago
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Animator Pals Small Stories - Animator Igor's Particular Freedom by AnimatorIgorArtz
Animator Pals Small Stories - ...
Animator Igor and Astraligor Eating Burgers by AnimatorIgorArtz
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Narlou the Asperling ref sheet
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Astraligor finds an Alien Crea...
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Animator Pals Small Stories - Animathicc Igor by AnimatorIgorArtz
Animator Pals Small Stories - ...
Animator Igor and Astraligor doing the Jack-pose by AnimatorIgorArtz
Animator Igor and Astraligor d...
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Animator Pals Small Stories - Animathicc Igor by AnimatorIgorArtz
Animator Pals Small Stories - Animator Igor's Particular Freedom by AnimatorIgorArtz
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Animator Pals Small Stories - Animathicc Igor by AnimatorIgorArtz
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is the secondary account on InkBunny which you can find the Archives of Animator Igor and His Friends


hey guys i'm Animator Igor the Wolf, i'm autistic and i draw anthropomorphic animals just to have fun.

art trades: for friends only (closed)
requests: send note (closed)


rules for requests:

1- i can draw:
-animal art (every type)
-anime (humans in anime are acceptable)
-general SFW
-baby fur (cutest i can do)

2- i can rarely draw:
-quicksand (if i want to)
-underwater (when i'm bored)
-wedige (when i have free time)

3- i will draw for this site in the future:
-genitalia (NSFW art)

4- i won't draw:
-pregancy (mostly on males but it's still wierd)
-vore (because it's disgusting)

(follow the rules or i won't do nothing, but i can draw animal only)


Adventures of Animator Igor and His Friends tells adventures of Anthonitecus Lupussius (a.k.a Animator Igor) along with his son Astraligorus Foxson into awkward adventures in the world of Adventurion, the land of Adventure and Mysteries across the lands, he has a wife called Alycia Foxson that support him very much, his two kids Astraligor and Nora Foxson (reminder: they're twins), his coworker Reddie the Angry Red Panda, Astraligor's Friends Astranooki Suzuki and Astraskunk Woodsmell and also the 10.000th king of the Ancient Adventurius Empire... Agillion the Agile Maned Wolf. this was too awkward for you? well... it's just the beginning.

About Anthonitecus Family and Friends:

Anthonitecus Lupussius: the awesome (and awkward) adventurer of all Adventurion, a long long time ago... back in time during the Arctic Era, there was an pack of blue wolves called the Antholupus Clan, a clan formed by adventurer wolves that are exploring the unkown south but they never returned. Anthonitecus the blue wolf, fleed from his home, crossed the the Mountain Barrier and he camme to the unexplored south, and he falls into the cold river. when he's about to die, he uses all of his arcane magic to preserve himself for 100.000 years. after he unfroze and back to action, he goes back to his old tribe and... he finds out he's the last blue wolf alive, because his species was going extinct and he felt more guilty and cried a lot. then, he decided to explore adventurion to reach 100.000 Adventures before time consume him. many centuries later, he goes to an war of wizard and dragons, which is happening "The Draco-Wizard War", the two armies are about to start the war, but anthonitecus stopped the war against the two sides, and the war was ended very soon. when the wizards and dragons are about to sign a treaty of peace, Drakonarok the underworld dragon of chaos and destruction appears to ruin the party, the underworld dragon encounters the blue wolf ready to take him down, anthonitecus uses all of his full powers to try weak him but it has no affect, when drakonarok is about to devour anthonitecus, the blue wolf itself tries an magic seal to trap the underworld dragon back to his own world. when the dragon is finnaly sealed, anthonitecus has became weak and very tired, when he's about to take his last breath, arkanus tells him that he has the mark of gaia, which means he can't die to soon, but instead, he'll be back as a wolf cub to preserve his species. many centuries later, anthonitecus tries to enter an university by force, but his name was too primal to be in modern days, and then,, he decides to rename himself Anthony Igor Wolfwood, and the secretary acceppted it, during college period, he met a red fox called Alycia Foxson, a school journalist, and he fell in love. when the blue wolf and the red fox are graduated in university, they get married and got two kids, a boy and a girl, anhony decided to name the boy astraligor, because the blue wolf senses an aura that he never felt before. the blonde fox cub was named nora, because it was based on anthony's dating days. and now anthonitecus has a family with two kids to take care, and new adventures across the modern adventurion.

Astraligorus Foxson: the charismatic brown fox that everyone loves, he's and adventurous and autistic litle fox that wants to make people happy. he may be dumb, but his autism makes him a genius when he thinks of something new to learn. he has a twin sister named Nora Foxson that is smart, extrovert and likes to talk to people. astraligor likes to be free from clothes tyranny and adventure off all naked, but nora tries to bust him for doing some stupidity, in cloncusion... astraligor is an adventurous and autistic kid that loves adventures and the happiness across everyone's heart.

Alycia Foxson: the blonde red fox that came from a nobility from the past by a fox group called "The Foxson Clan". many centuries ago during the start of the Dragon Era of Adventurion, there was an brown fox called Affonse Foxson the 1st that wants to reconquer his kingdom, with the help of Anthonitecus Luppussius, they succesfully reconquers the kingdom and he becomes king. the foxson's family tree was the birth of affonse foxson the 1st and it continues on the modern foxson lineage that we know.

Nora Foxson: the blonded brown fox that is astraligor's twin, she's very tallented and very smart, is an extrovert and likes to talk to people. astraligor when he tries an stupidity (like streaking off the house or something) she'll try to bust him to give him a lesson, but it's not sucessful, because he cares about his sister and he makes her don't tell mom what he was doing.

About Anthonitecus Gang members:

Astranooki Suzuki: the anime-ish tanooki that everyone knows about, he's an secret agent from japan that went to brazil to get missions on there, when he met Anthony Igor Wolfwood, astranooki gave him a nickname calling him Animator Igor, because anthony's animations was very popular on the adventurian internet, and that how he was called Animator Igor since then.

Astraskunk Woodsmell: Animator Igor was saying hi to the neighbors when he saw an american skunk that was spreading the bad aroma across the foxson street, the skunk say hi to the blue wolf and his name is Astraskunk Woodsmell, he explained that he left the United States (his home country) because he was to stinky even the floor rottens when he walks by. since animator igor is immune to bad smells (thanks to a potion that he drinked) he befriends the skunk with an tail wag.

Agillion the Royal Maned Wolf: among the tribes of Akakor, there was an tribe of maned wolves that wanted to reform the amazonian empire. agillion the 1st, fleed from his home tribe and maked people share his philosophy and build the most ancient city of adventurion and the capital of advengilon empire... Adventurius City. agillion's royalty line gets reinvented across the centuries to the 10.000th king of modern "Adventurius's Imperial Nation" Agillion 10.000th.

Reddie the Angry Red Panda: the angry red panda itself, animator igor's coworker, the pantless animal that is bottomless. reddie's family is an chaos, because his dad was too busy and didn't play with reddie during his childhood. in teen years, his dad gets hit by a truck and reddie tries his best be be like his dad. now in the modern days, he works at Vixen Corp, being animator igor's coworker and anger filter, also is an adventurian gamer with animator igor being his first subscriber.

enjoy :D
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Hey, thanks 4 the watch!

Remember me?
4 months, 3 weeks ago
thnx for the watch!
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Thanks for the watch! ❤️
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Thanks for the watch!
5 months ago
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Welcome!!!! You're alive!!
5 months, 2 weeks ago
*huggles and gives you some balloons!* Danku!
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Welcome to Inkbunny!
5 months, 2 weeks ago
Hi there, thanks for the watch.
5 months, 2 weeks ago
thanks for the watch!
5 months, 2 weeks ago
Welcome to Inkbunny. nwn Don't forget to review your allowed ratings and block undesired keywords.
Have fun and be nice. uwu Hope you enjoy yourself here.
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