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Angel Dra'Essa by AngelicDevil
Angel Dra'Essa
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Angel Dra'Essa by AngelicDevil
Angel Dra'Essa
Me IRL: I'm 24, female and pretty crazy. I am NOT interested in having a mate, just got out of a two year relationship and really don't care much for getting into anything like it ever again... at least that is how I feel right now. SO...

I'm a bit spacey and can wander off topic or forget what I'm doing every once in a while and frankly sometimes I can just get lost elsewhere and disappear so I apologize now for that. I'm not the best at initiating conversation so just ask me and I'll answer...eventually.

I do not like those who play 'victim' all the time and act like their whole world is depressing...
Take nothing too personally. I am just here for FRIENDS and to get into mischief...
I am generally fun. I am open to many things and even willing to try/participate in things I am usually not that interested in. I am not the best role-player and typos are my enemy but I am learning as I go and widening my vocabulary along the way. I still prefer those who do not just drop one-liners in rps (excluding general chat because that is normal).

Name: Angel Schäferhund
Age: 24
Cup Size: B
Height: 5'7"
Sex: Female
Weight: 200lbs
She’s 420 friendly
Occupation: Healer
Birthdate: January 27th, 1990
Orientation: Bisexual, Male Preference
Species: German Shepherd Anthro/Feral
Smell/Taste's Like: Strawberry Cheesecake ;)

Sam: Her twin sister, purple in color
Tamir: Her subby adorable and loving brother

Dom: Malachi – The peppermint wolf

Goal in the furry world: To make new friends, help who she can, buy art, go on more adventures and have fun!

Favorite Colors: Pink, blue, purple
Favorite Snacks: Cheetos, beef jerky, potato chips
Favorite Deserts: Cheesecake, Brownies, Swiss Roll
Favorite Drinks: Sweet Tea, Margarita's, Water, Cream Soda
Favorite Foods: Chicken, Beef, Peanuts, Peanut butter, Strawberries, Banana's, spaghetti, seafood, cheeseburgers
Favorite Breakfast Foods: Waffles, Pancakes, Bacon, Eggs, Biscuits and Gravy
Favorite Location: Wooded area's or area's with a place to take a dip. Anyplace with a beautiful view
Favorite Weather: Sunny but not too hot, the cold doesn't bother her much due to her thick coat but after a while it does annoy her.

Least liked foods: Dry Biscuits or anything plain. She prefers things with flavor.
Least liked drink: Beer & most Alcohol. She doesn't believe in getting drunk although she's been known to kick back with a fruity drink and get a small buzz.
Least liked weather: Rain or anything that causes disasters (tornados, hurricanes, ect).
Behavior and Personality: Angel is a bit of an odd one, always ready to make new friends although at times she can feel or act a bit shy. Don’t let the cute looks fool you, she can be quite the mischievous one, always getting into things and letting her curiosity get the best of her.

Likes: Swimming, Photography, Hiking, helping others, being with those she trusts, happy furries, playful furries, making new friends, adventure and being outdoors.
Dislikes: Being cooped up, heights, people who are constantly depressed (emo) and think the whole world is after them, people with overly high egos and those who abuse/cheat/harm others.

Clothing/Personal Style: She prefers not to wear clothes, being mostly feral in form. She will wear accessories though. Otherwise you will find her in girly outfits that are usually pink, blue, or purple or anything that matches well with her fur!
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Angel Schaferhund
Angel Schaferhund
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Angel Schaferhund
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5 years ago
Hello and welcome to InkBunny.
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