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I've gone by a lot of names in the past and I'm kind of bored with holding separate identities and accounts etc., so fuck it. =P

Previously known as: Kelly Valentine, Anon Ihmus, Morrison Mhut, Avant Garde (Pony), Slutfreak, Nojuan Especial, Pinocchio, Samhain Dogsoul, and Sourpuss (Pony)
Age: 29
Gender: Pre-op Transman
Sexuality: Panromantic, Homosexual, submissive
Physical: 5'0 235> (currently losing weight)
Likes: BDSM (Bondage,Pet/Pony play, little/Daddy, slave/Master, humiliation,degradation,rape play, nonsexual submission, forced heterosexuality, total submission), watersports, breath play, stretching, large insertions, liquid/food inflation, breeding, gangbang, bestiality, incest, coercion, ageplay, teendom (teen as dominant), cub-dom (cub in dominant position/dominant cub), religion fetish
Dislikes: Non-con cub, air/gas inflation, infant, real rape, femdom, bratty subs, macro, soft vore, Sonic the Hedgehog, atheism, racism, spiders
Fandoms: Furry, Brony, Sherlock, Attack on Titan, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Disney and more.
Personal blog - FackingPsychotic.tumblr.com
Art blog - SkeletonFixation.tumblr.com
Activism blog - Thats-Not-Equality.tumblr.com
FA - Furaffinity.net/user/AnonIhmus
DA - IDunnoM8.deviantart.com
Y!G - y-gallery.net/user/tobyturnershusband
If you think you see me elsewhere, ask and I'll either confirm or refute.

If I owe you art on an old account, feel free to call me out on it. I'll make good and finish whatever I owe you. Don't try to scam me, if you asked for something, but you haven't paid me, then I don't owe you something. If you haven't even asked for something, and you try to pull a fast one, I'll know. So don't.  If I genuinely owe you something, send me a pm with your name, mine at the time (site account name not fursona) and what I owed you.
If some opinion of mine pissed you off in the past and you're still pissed about it, feel free to (calmly, rationally) explain your pov and I'll listen to it and talk with you about it.

I do take requests, but only if I like the idea. Do not ask me to draw your character and not tell me how, because to me that is not "artistic freedom" that is "plz draw my character and make it look cool to me without me giving you any hints as to what looks cool to me, because not only won't I learn to draw but I can't think for myself.".
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