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Paw in Paw by AmaranthRencor
Paw in Paw
Well bugger
I wasn't aware gijinkas would fall under humans. But I can see how they would.... At least how I've drawn them would. *sighs* .___. This is unfortunate. Because I draw that stuff a lot :'D What does t...
7 years, 4 months ago
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Paw in Paw by AmaranthRencor
Paw in Paw
I'm simply here trying to get my stuff out there, either for critique or selling~
I am Mizui-TK on most other sites.
I am terribly obsessed with the RP couples (which are Pokemon, for the most part :'D) and Zangoose. Homg am I ever obsessed with Zangoose <3 And Absol. To a lesser extent.

I'm not terribly sure what else to say really .A. I am a girl. I live in Canada.... I support any and all love, and I'm not completely unfriendly, unless you decide to talk to me rudely :'D
If you want my MSN, just ask, since I'm practically always on. But I'm not the world's most interesting person or any sort of conversationalist.

....Have we noticed how positive I am? Fantastic~

OH YES. Also, please don't think poorly of me, I appreciate every watch and have I get, but I'm not going to thank everyone individually .n. That said, I don't expect thank your for such things either~
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