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Yes it's my very first here and in the beginning of the year 2011 , so lets see how long this will stay on the front page since i have no intresting life and probably just lurk arround here.
9 years, 6 months ago
I'm a MALE alien life form created by an acciden't in a space station. I whas desposed into space to cover up there mistake. Crashed onto a planet and evolved,the species on the planet found me and helped me to be what i am now. So in this bodyform i have chosen to be ,i travel wherever i whant with no purpose. Meeting new things and exploring is what i do, why?? cous it's what i wonna do. I have no home ,no relatives and am unique. What i am looking for ,i don't know myself and have many questions, but i have time, i have patience, i have a lot to find out.

What am i?? A combination of bio enhanced cells, upgraded xenodriods, ionized particles, probably some kind of booger,a unknow amount of energy and a whole lot of chemichals.

What can i do?? Basicly i can morph into anything or anyone i whant with limits. I can absorb substances and change it structure to be a part of me or i change parts of me to create things. I can work with biolocical parts awswel with material parts. If i whant to get bigger or create more parts i need to absorb stuff to make new cells. The darker i am ,the more cells i have, the brighter i look , am almost gas. Each cell has the same mind like the other so we are one and one i am...Alienshade.

What i do mostly. Is practicing a very plesant ritual know to many species. That and descovering the sensative skin and feelings of the female gender.As u wil see i like to tickle XD. Am straight so have preference for females and there nakid bodies.
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