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Thanks for the watch and thanks for the favs

Welcome to my Inkbunny acount- go see my Extended Furaffinity Gallery. Don`t forget Watch me in Furaffinity too.


My name is Kayrcarom, although I prefer to be called Kayrom.  People with most of my confidence can just call me Kay.
I am a digital artist with over 5 years of artistic experience in traditional art, digital art and coloring. My style is entirely perfectionist, looking after every detail in every stroke I make; I always work investing all the needed time to get the result I wish. My lines are perfect; realized with a very high performance in digital graphics without any kind of tool like vectoring or “automatic drawing”, my art is entirely made by me. Both my drawing and coloring style are attained as accomplishments without going to any workshop or attending to a college degree.
My actual platform, for more than 4 years, has been Adobe Photoshop CS2, under Windows XP. My work procedure consists in saving systems resources along with an excellent usage of the above for my performance. This has led me to know about advanced functions from operating systems, services and software/hardware resources.
Alongside Photoshop CS2, I work with a Genius MousePen 8x6, which has been useful for me for almost 3 years. At this moment, digital drawing occupies almost 100% of my works.

Next to my reality as an artist, I am a real dragon that thanks the respect and admiration from his followers. I respect when I am respected, I am righteous when justice is necessary and I am aggressive when a bad action is committed against me. I am not a person you wish to be funny or be rude with.
It is clear that my beliefs and tendencies are my law and there is no possibility in the world to change that. I am tough, serious and disciplined by outside, as well as with my drawing style; for socializing is the same. “The one, who knows how to meet me, knows how to find me”.
I am a pure artist, I will never take comissions. Requests and trades will be the rarest thing you will see from me and the few to be seen will be chosen selectively.
Last thing: I am not a furry, I do not belong to any kind of social movement; please respect my rank, my level as an artist is my rank inside and outside Furaffinity. As always, I wish the best of luck to everyone and to every country.
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