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No Fur No Fun  (book cover) by 55555ive
No Fur No Fun  (book cover)
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No Fur No Fun  (book cover) by 55555ive
No Fur No Fun  (book cover)
Alright so I take my writing pretty seriously, but to any new comers there are a few things you may want to know before you read.

1. I'm a one man dyslexic band over here. I'm told I'm rarely too far off when I miss spell or forget a letter in a word. I don't have an editor though, so if you like to judge I'll save you some time and let you know I miss a few things here and there.

2. My stories take place in world's of anthropomorphic animals. My characters being animals is both for symbolism, and because sometimes events are easier to take when they happen to a rabbit rather than a human.

3. I write my stories in a hybrid format between script and narrative. It's not too dificult to read , but I know I piss some people off by not picking one style and staying in it alone. Honestly if you have major trouble reading my stories because of how I format them your probably just trying too hard.

4. I'm not shy about sex scenes in my writing. I do from time to time write staight porn , but most of my stories are not. I includ sexual content when it fits, but it is rarely the main focus.

5. Most of my stories are meant to be quick reads even if they have multiple chapters. Each chapter I write in a story is like it's own self contained episode, so where you could read them all as a whole sometimes you get more if you take each chapter as it's own installment.
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