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My Pokésona as a Banner from Facebook by slytehfennec
My Pokésona as a Banner from Facebook
Hey guys
I have finally got pissed off at InkBunny being overpopulated by Cub Porn because of fa banning it from their site i understand why it was and i feel like it shouldnt be here as it is the same as chil...
5 years, 5 months ago
I be Weasyl'd
Got myself a Weasyl account :3 it is still in beta so you can only get an invite from a member but heh it looks better then DA and has a smoother searching section for looking up pr0ns https://www.wea...
6 years ago
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My Pokésona as a Banner from Facebook by slytehfennec
My Pokésona as a Banner from F...
Pokésona PikaMew (Update Redraw) part 3/3 (Final) by slytehfennec
Pokésona PikaMew (Update Redra...
Pokésona PikaMew (Update Redraw) part 2/3 by slytehfennec
Pokésona PikaMew (Update Redra...
Pokésona PikaMew (Update Redraw) part 1/3 by slytehfennec
Pokésona PikaMew (Update Redra...
Pokésona PikaMew by slytehfennec
Pokésona PikaMew
Sparky Electron Facebook Gift by slytehfennec
Sparky Electron Facebook Gift
Commission - I'm on Fire! by Carrot
Commission - I'm on Fire!
by Carrot
Hey i am Sly My Real name is David Harris but i dislike it. i used to be on facebook a lot i am a Famous role-player on there been on since the beta and for about 7/8 years role-playing I am bi but i has a mate Called Meka or blade as know on SL yes i play SecondLife so add me my username is Harrisd06 Resident

Sly is an Anthro fennec fox of a ginger Cookie fur his ears in the inside look like candy canes with shiny silver hair His favorite top is his pikachu hoodie in which he wears all the time he has Black slacks on with rainbow paw prints on each of his buttocks and has a silky white tail like usual he is wearing his rainbow legwarmers to finish off the outfit. Not forgetting the Purple aura tattoos on his arms that cross over onto his back Some say when in thought the tattoos form into aura wings but can only be seen When he fully trusts the person in which he is showing.

Name: Revolution Spark (Revo)
Species: PikaMew (Pikachu & Mew Hybrid)
Age: 9 (Role-play age)
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight (Sexually matured as i go by Pokémon years)


Revo is a PikaMew crossed at birth, Parents Mew (Female) Pikachu (Male), her fur unique to most pokémon.
Her fur of yellow with a black stripe on her thigh with a jet black tail going into a tiger stripe pattern towards the end as it is spread apart with a thunderbolt splitting up the black stripes, her black-tipped ears are larger then a normal pikachu but stand out more with her mew body and hind paws but pikachu's front paws having the distinct rose red cheek marks ready to charge, her flaming eyes surge with darkness as if corrupted.

How her Shimmering Darkness Keyblade
was aquired~

-"mew~" her hand glows as something solid begins to form shining darkness and the glistening light drawn into her hand forming her new weapon, a bright light can bee seen from a mile away as this blade forms into the shape of a key with 3 pronged daggers across the base going up to the tip of the blade, the handle of glistening diamond as it shimmers from the night sky. She lets off a little smile "heh wow i have finally been chosen to wield the power of this magnificent sword that once brought power to my ancestors and take down to most destructive of fiends" she smiles more at the blade admiring its looks from the tipped blade to the razor bladed base made of diamond "this thing will never be taken away from me as it only chooses one to be its master if it is taken it will always appear back to my side for me to fight away the soulless beings that are around among us"-

How her kinsight Blade was forged~

-Sitting there for hours gathering the material to create the perfect sword, a combernation of Crystal and Darkness metal after sitting there for hours on end melting the darkness metal with anti-matter to forge the handle carved suited to only fit in her paws, placing it into a safe place she gets to work with the crystal shaping it correctly with hooked barbes, carving nicely to firmly fit between the handle using some more darkness metal, she places the blade into its holder of the handle, sealing it tightly with the anti-matter and titanium mix, sealing the crystal blade firmly in place for at least 30 years. Sighing lightly with the pleasure of finishing such a blade after sitting there building for five sundowns, it was finally finished she places it in ice cold water to seal the grove taking it out and placing it into the brace strapped around her leg "finally i have created the perfect blade"-
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Harrisd06 Resident
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skylastarstrider Resident
5 years, 7 months ago
Hey! ^^
Thanks for the watch! :D
But i don't accept friend request until i know you a little better :3
PM me if you wanna chat
6 years, 1 month ago
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